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We echo the belief of Adobe - “The best experiences are consistently personal”. Being an industry leader in crafting impeccable digital experiences for the Gen-X, Millennials, and Gen-Z, Envision is well-positioned to empower your brand with the pool of bleeding-edge offerings from Adobe Experience Cloud. Here’s how we map customer journeys

Discovery & Define

To get started with our journey of breathing life into your digital commerce vision, our first milestone is to achieve clarity on your strategic vision and come up with tactical roadmaps aligned with your business operations. Based on our initial findings, we decide the people requirements and the skills-acumen mix needed along with the processes that are customized to suit your requirements.

  • Idea/business need a definition
  • Competition analysis
  • Target audience research
  • Defining buyers persona and use cases
  • Learning and documentation of major workflows
  • Audit of legacy systems and solutions mapping
  • Creating solution architecture and diagrams
  • Defining implementation strategy
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With hours of brainstorming and design thinking involved, our experience-design process is deeply rooted in data and behavioral science. The right user-centered approach is needed to come up with well-defined user personas. This will result in information architecture that leads to foolproof wireframes - everything adding up to an impeccable interaction design for your digital commerce brand.

  • Storyboarding & customer experience design
  • Interaction design on various touch-points
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • UX Design - wireframing and prototyping
  • UI - visual design


Delight your customers with awesome experiences while enhancing their engagement and conversion rates for your digital commerce brand. Unlike rest, we take personalization up another notch with Adobe Sensei for your global audience. We tap into bleeding-edge algorithms that are proven and tested by industry professionals. Not only this, Envision ensures quick integration of AI firepower within your platform so you don’t have to wait for the results.

  • Personalized content delivery
  • Product recommendations
  • Optimizing buyers’ journey, CTA, and Checkout
  • Advanced A/B testing
  • Behavioral messaging
  • 360° monitoring
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The envision magic

Arsenal for Crafting Experiences

In order to craft experiences that win, we are always striving to stay ahead of the curve and keep our arsenal packed with nothing but only the best.

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Adobe Experience Manager

AEM is a content management system that is preferred by digital commerce brands, being used to build websites, mobile apps, and forms - everything needed for building brand loyalty and driving demand.

Adobe Target

Being an industry-leading choice for targeting and personalization, it is the best tool out there for rules-based testing for creating and launching marketing offers that are highly personalized.

Journey Orchestration

This is a service built upon Adobe Experience Platform for allowing real-time orchestration powered by contextual data from recent events - the ultimate tool for personalizing digital experiences at scale.

Digital Asset Management

The DAM platform offers a central hub for organizing, storing, and retrieving rich media that connects to your other enterprise software solutions, ensuring a consistent experience across the customer journey.

Cross-channel excellence

Customer-centric Omnichannel Experiences

Leverage the power of exhilarating omnichannel experiences to delight customers with highly-personalized content, and digital assets being fed via multiple touchpoints to empower commerce.

Improve brand resonance among customers by increasing retention rates and brand advocacy, resulting in a higher CLV (customer lifetime value) - the holy grail for digital brands.

Extra edge for your brand

The Benefits

Revenue growth and customer loyalty is a direct result of impeccable customer experiences.

  • All-time high customer engagement (Avg. time on website)
  • Brand differentiation ahead of the competition
  • Higher CRO, orders, and ROI
  • Immersive experience on each channel
  • Headless commerce with industry-leading security
  • Stay on top of customers’ journey

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Frequently Asked Questions

To establish a leading brand in the market, CX should be the first priority of every eCommerce business. It is crucial to attract customers, increase conversions, generate repeat sales, and build brand loyalty.

AEM as a cloud service helps businesses manage CX seamlessly. Besides, it has many advantages like improved scalability, a highly-secured CMS, ensures 99.99% uptime, and a low cost of ownership.

Adobe is responsible for all the operations and updates on the codebase of AEM. It releases new features every month to update and improve the overall functionality. Plus, Adobe is also releasing bug fixes regularly to improve security.

Adobe Experience Managers provides hundreds of features and integrations to improve the overall functionality of your online store. Our experienced eCommerce developers and store managers can help you with integrating the right AEM features and functions that will bring value to your business.

Running an eCommerce business is not easy in a highly competitive market. Some of the common challenges that digital commerce businesses face include cybersecurity, order fulfillment, attracting the perfect customers, online identity verification, building customer loyalty, performance optimization, improving customer journey, improving the conversion and shopping cart abandonment rate.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Challenges Facing Digital Commerce Businesses in 2022 and their solutions.

The term digital customer experience is a blend of all the online interactions that consumers have with your business and how they feel about it. It is a subjective term and you can not measure customer experience in numbers. But, there exist metrics like NPS, churn rate, and customer satisfaction rate to find out how your consumers are feeling about their interactions with your brand.

Customer experience may start from your online store but could also include experiences on your brand's mobile apps, social media channels, emails, and other virtual touchpoints.

Customer experience is how brands communicate with their customers, and there are several ways to improve the same. For example, you can invest in personalization, customer support, improving your site navigation, delivering an omnichannel experience, and other things that ease your store's customer journey and delight your consumers. Here are 3 tried and tested ways to improve eCommerce CX.

An excellent digital customer experience strategy involves creating meaningful experiences for brand consumers that help improve conversions, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction rate. Building a successful digital CX strategy starts by setting a customer-focused vision to match customer expectations with desired business outcomes.

While building your Digital Customer Experience (DCX) strategy, you need to consider the following seven stages:

  • Awareness
  • Discovery
  • Evaluation
  • Conversion
  • Experience
  • Support
  • Retention

DCX means the overall impression of your business in the eyes of your customers. It is developed with consistent interactions that they have with your brand.

If you plan to build an exceptional customer experience for your consumers, Adobe can be a perfect tool in your arsenal. Being a trusted digital transformation partner, Adobe provides tools that help you build your DCX precisely as your customers want. Some popular Adobe offerings are Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, etc.

We are Adobe Silver Partners and have experts that understand Adobe and its solutions to the fullest. So, if you plan to build a solid and scalable digital commerce business using Adobe products, we can help you do it seamlessly with our years of experience working for clients all around the globe. We successfully helped more than 300 businesses scale using Adobe Commerce (Magento) and other Adobe products and platforms.


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