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Leading-edge Unified Commerce Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Deploying reliable digital commerce solutions for manufacturers is essential for generating bulk orders, enquiries and cross border expansion. Envision creates efficient buying experiences for users like distributors, bulk buyers, retailers and employees.


Sharpen your Competitive Edge with Envision

Manufacturing companies need to offer self-service capabilities to their different users to put them in the front seats of their online buying experiences. Industry-leading digital commerce solutions by Envision helps make your buying experiences info-centric and convenient for the customers and boosts digital growth.

Personalized Catalogs (ability to export catalogs)

Increase your conversion rates and bag upsell and cross-sell opportunities by tailoring your product catalogs with personalized suggestions based on customer behavior and buying history.

Spare Parts Visibility (real time inventory)

Envision lets you match the spare parts with the other related products that customers have purchased to improve the overall buying experience and increases product sales.

Info-Driven Experiences

Envision lets you provide information-driven buying experiences by showing real-time inventory levels and product availability with accurate product information that promotes digital growth.

Online Product Configuration

Save time and effort at both ends by allowing your customers to configure and match products that differ in specifications, size, shape, color, etc. to their own requirements.

Self-service Capabilities (include bulk order by importing xls/ csv)

As a leading unified commerce solutions provider, we keep customer empowerment paramount. Improve digital experiences with self-service options like invoice management and delivery tracking.

Business Intelligence

With the best technologies being used in your store, it’s easier than ever to manage your multiple assets and gather data from various aspects of your business. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.

Credit Purchase

A lot of transactions in the manufacturing industry are done on credit. To meet the expectations of your target customers and make the process of credit purchase highly streamlined, we will add the feature to your store.

Live Negotiation

For picking the right sellers, parties are always in touch with multiple companies that are offering the product - involving back and forth of negotiations. With the live negotiation feature, you can have an edge over your competition.

Layered Pricing

In the manufacturing industry, buyers are always looking to find the economies of scale. With a layered pricing model, you can encourage customers to buy bigger quantities with the all-important feature of layered pricing.


Catch up with the Manufacturing Industry

To deliver highly customized solutions that are scalable and robust, Envision works hard to gauge the trends in customer behavior and industry dynamics. Here are some of our key findings:

+ 1K

Increase in Customers

+ 20K

GB – Content served swiftly

+ 50K

Increase in Orders

Innovative Digital Marketplace propped up on Cutting-Edge Magneto Solution

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Catch up with the Manufacturing Industry
To deliver highly customized solutions that are scalable and robust, Envision works hard to gauge the trends in customer behavior and industry dynamics. Here are some of our key findings:

Employer-driven workforce development braced with integrated digital commerce

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Merged digital commerce solution for various learning products

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Innovative digital marketplace propped up on cutting-edge Magneto solution

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The adoption of digital technologies have presented manufacturers, D2C players, and wholesalers are presented with enormous opportunities to unlock growth potential. To get it right, it’s important to understand nitty-gritty involved in acing digital commerce.

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To catch up with the competition and customer expectations, you always need to up your game when it comes to digital commerce. With our Adobe Commerce support services, you acquire the extra edge of being ahead of the competition. Consistent performance optimization and code enhancement efforts by Envision will surely equip your store with the firepower it deserves.

When it comes to digital commerce, security and scalability end up being a big challenge that customers face on a regular basis. As to how frequently you shall improve it, it is important to understand that it’s an evolving process and fix-ups can always spring up. The best way to take care of this would be to get a managed support plan with a certain number of hours for various activities that you can scale up or down based on your needs.

We have set up very clear steps to top-up the support hours. All you need to do is visit our support page and make the payment to avail the support hours. For further questions, you can also get in touch with us via email.

Yes, definitely! We have the best professionals in our team who have the experience of working on numerous successful Adobe Commerce development projects over the years. Apart from this, we invest a lot of resources in positioning Envision as a think-tank of digital commerce - enabling us to offer advice and suggestions for your store enhancements.


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