What is Headless Commerce?

Headless is a cutting-edge approach that decouples the front-end and back-end of an eCommerce solution for providing businesses with the utmost flexibility and agility to integrate their sales channels. The two separate layers then communicate with the help of secure APIs and run independently. By migrating to a headless architecture, eCommerce businesses can leverage many benefits.

Headless Commerce for Multi-Channel/Omnichannel eCommerce

Multi-Channel/Omnichannel eCommerce

A single backend can be used to send data to multiple frontends including social media, mobile apps, and more.

Headless Commerce for Design Flexibility

Design Flexibility

UI/UX designers can alter designs and launch new frontend experiences without disturbing the entire backend system.

Headless Commerce for More Agility

More Agility

It eliminates the dependencies of frontend and backend developers on each other and thus allows quick UI/UX and backend operations.

Headless Commerce to improve performance

Improved Performance

Using the headless approach, your online store becomes more responsive owing to the robust API-driven architecture.


Leverage The Power of Content and Commerce Together

A headless solution acts as a growth catalyst for your eCommerce business. It lets retailers provide a consistent experience across all channels while maintaining the speed and agility of operations seamlessly.

Increasing Demands

As Gen Z becomes consumers, it is hard for retailers to fulfill their modern and ever-evolving demands using an "off the shelf" traditional eCommerce platform. Thus, switching to a modern system is crucial.

Unsympathetic Consumers

Modern consumers lack patience and do not care about your internal challenges. A headless system helps you overcome them by letting everyone focus on their area of expertise and removing dependencies.

Need for Freedom

A headless system provides your marketing and creative teams the tools and freedom they need to create a unified shopping experience that accelerates profitability and growth. These are inevitable results of headless implementation.

Multiple Shopping Channels

Mobile shopping is on the rise. But, still, just 34% of consumers are using phones over desktops to shop. The only practical way to distribute content over all these devices including shopping capabilities is via headless.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In simple words, a headless solution in eCommerce is a solution that stores, manages, and sends data and content without a front-end delivery layer. Brands decouple the front end (also called head, template, or theme), leaving only the backend. It provides businesses more flexibility while running their operations and complete control over the customer experience.

Brands imagine the online store as a collection of digital services that support commerce functions rather than a complete solution using the Headless approach. It enables limitless customizations and creates more chances for business expansion and growth.
Headless lets businesses think beyond simple storefronts and helps them take things a step ahead to create seamless user experiences, innovative fulfillment options, integrated microservices, and much more.

Basically, eCommerce APIs are a medium of communication between software. APIs let developers transfer data from one software system to another and then leverage this data in a single UI. A business can integrate eCommerce APIs with several solutions to benefit from their existing model without creating features from scratch.

Tradition and headless commerce have their own advantages and disadvantages. While traditional commerce comes with engineering and design constraints, it is easier to build and faster to launch.

On the other hand, headless commerce provides greater flexibility but takes a bit longer to implement. It enables developers to create an experience from scratch that fits the business needs and goals.

Owing to the benefits that headless commerce provides, several people think it is an expensive solution. However, headless commerce solutions actually save money during development, launch, and hosting. Here is how:

  • Fewer licensing & hosting fees
  • You can add functionality gradually
  • Less infrastructure spend
  • It is less restrictive to build
  • More flexibility and freedom
  • Customizations are easy and less expensive

Also, whether it will cost more or less than a traditional platform depends on how you embrace the headless approach. The good news is that YOU will hold the command, and you can optimize your business solution depending on your present needs and budget.

Let's suppose each website has a head and a body. The head is the website or front end that visitors see when browsing and purchasing products. The backend, the engine that powers the website's functionality, is called the body. Headless commerce is an approach that helps you make changes to the head without disturbing or adjusting the body.

If you are sure that you want to implement a headless commerce solution for your business, getting started is easy. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Analyze the loopholes or low-performing features in your current system and consider removing them
  • Decide whether you want to change or keep your commerce platform
  • Do some research on suitable headless CMS solutions for your business
  • Sync your APIs and CMS
  • Allocate budget and timelines for your projects

If you want headless commerce experts at Envision eCommerce to help you with the process, get in touch.

Headless Commerce is undoubtedly the future of eCommerce for brands that want to scale their business aggressively in the coming years. It helps businesses provide:

  • A truly omnichannel experience
  • Personalization leading to brand loyalty
  • Less technical headaches at the backend
  • Gives freedom to change or connect any system/ services without disturbing other parts

Thus, if you want to adopt new tech touchpoints and become more interactive with innovative experiences, headless is your way to go.

Every approach has its own pros and cons and headless is no exception. If you do not have a team of quality-driven developers and designers to manage your headless solution, it may lead to complications because of the presence of multiple tools. It also increases the initial cost.

Before you decide on a headless commerce platform, you must be very clear about how you are trying to serve your target audience. Some of the factors that you must pay heed to include user interface and experience, personalization capacity, API integration, service, and support.

Although headless is a suitable approach to commerce for businesses of all shapes and sizes, you must pay attention to your goals when embarking on your journey to headless. You can leverage this technology to the fullest, if:

  • You want to improve the digital experience on your existing mobile or web applications or POS
  • Your business demands reaching out to customers on emerging touchpoints
  • You are a digitally native and well-funded brand
  • You have aggressive growth plans and amazing engineering talent

Doesn't matter whether you are a small business or an enterprise-level organization; your business must be future-proof. Furthermore, delivering bespoke customer experiences is likely to become the new norm across all industries in the coming few years.

So, even if you are a small or medium-sized business, but you are well-funded and have a good cash flow, you must opt for headless to scale fast.


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