Community is what makes us who we are. We strongly believe that - 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'. We want to build a community that encourages youngsters to strive for innovation. By supporting various nonprofits, charitable foundations, community events, mentoring, and scholarship programs, we aim to increase youth’s interest in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts extend through our employees to the community and revolve around changing the perception of entrepreneurship among youth by encouraging them to innovate and explore their ideas. Guiding young minds towards entrepreneurship enhances the prosperity and well-being of the community as a whole and creates employment opportunities in the region.

Driving Innovation by Giving Back to Digital Commerce

Giving Back

Apart from our social responsibility for our community, we also have certain responsibilities towards the digital commerce community. Our employees participate actively in the events and initiatives organized by Adobe Commerce or its partners and contribute to the eCommerce community.

Adobe Commerce Meetup

With our love for Adobe Commerce and the Magento Community, we host meetups with eCommerce experts where many retailers, developers, merchants/business owners, and various service providers interact with each other, share ideas and business.

Magento meetup

Code Contribution

Our developers and product designers are very driven towards the growth of the eCommerce industry and contribute actively in code contributions to Adobe Commerce codebase and other community projects, which helps to shape the whole eCommerce ecosystem.

Startup Accelerator Chamber of Commerce

SAAC is an NPO, headquartered in Chandigarh, founded to tackle every impediment in the way of innovation and entrepreneurship. By organizing various events and starting initiatives that are focussed on mentoring budding entrepreneurs, helping them promote their ideas and generate funds, and aiding business idea creation, SAAC has now established a highly networked community of established entrepreneurs, mentors, professionals, and students.

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“Through the SACC, we are mentoring over 100 startups directly. We congratulate the startups founded through our network and believe that many more will join the league. This is key to our desire to give back, to help Indian youth find their feet in a fast-changing world and to be a part of that transformation. We look forward to building a bona fide entrepreneurial ecosystem in our region of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.”

- Manipal Dhariwal,
CEO of Netsmartz and President of SACC

Our goal is to expose youth to entrepreneurship. It is the best way to create jobs and employment in the region.

- Manipal Dhariwal | CEO of Netsmartz Group

Shaping the Community

A Responsible Corporate Citizen

Envision takes great pride in the fact that we’re always ahead of our corporate social responsibilities and keen to add value by contributing in our society. Our CSR initiatives are a reflection of economic, environmental, and social imperatives that make a lasting impact on the community.

Our CSR also addresses the expectations of our employees, shareholders, and stakeholders while taking social and environmental concerns hand-in-hand with our business operations. We, at Envision, also internalize our CSR and ensure that discrimination on any grounds doesn’t find a place anywhere in our company. With properly maintained labor standards and working conditions and dynamic stakeholder engagement, we ensure that the rights and dignity of each one of our employees are preserved.


CSR Activities

With our CSR activities, we aim to solve problems for the community and inculcate values in our team members and the youngsters that have lasting impact


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