How Can Plugins Help You Enhance Shopify Store Functionality (+ 5 Best Options)

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How Plugin Enhances Shopify Store Functionality

Online shopping is now a big part of our lives. Thus, every business needs an online presence – their industry, size, or business model doesn’t matter.

One platform that helps many small and midsize businesses launch their stores online without many hassles is Shopify. It is a perfect platform if you want to launch a feature-rich online store by spending less time and money on development. However, it has some limitations.

Many necessary eCommerce features are not in-built into Shopify. Thus, if you plan to build a Shopify store or already have one, you need to use plugins and extensions to provide your customers with a perfect shopping experience.

This article will discuss Shopify plugins, their benefits, and some of the best options available to optimize your store experience. So, let’s get started.

What is a Shopify Plugin?

Shopify Plugins are programs or pieces of code designed to extend your Shopify store’s functionality. You can use Shopify plugins to add a new feature to your store or to customize its look and feel. You can also use these extensions to integrate your store with other software to analyze or collect customer data.

There are two types of Shopify plugins:

  • Official Shopify plugins
  • Unofficial Shopify plugins

Official plugins are developed by Shopify, and you can find these in Shopify App Store. On the other hand, unofficial plugins are developed by third-party developers. Moreover, installing a Shopify plugin is very simple, and you can do it in just a few taps. Here are some of the benefits of Shopify Plugins:

5 Benefits of Shopify Plugins and Add-Ons

Shopify plugins are beneficial for retailers in more ways than one. You can just install a plugin to add a feature or functionality to your eCommerce store rather than develop it from scratch. This will not just help you provide a better customer experience but also save you time and cost that would otherwise go into the development.

Now, the question arises, how can you select the right Shopify plugins or add-ons for your store? Shopify app store has more than 7000 plugins available, and there are many third-party plugins as well. Thus, it becomes difficult to choose the best ones for your business. Here is a list of our favorite Shopify plugins that you see to make an informed decision.

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5 Best Shopify Plugins for Your Online Store

Let’s check out some of the best Shopify plugins and add-ons that can take your online store functionality to the next level. Plus, you will not have to spend a fortune to use these plugins:

1. SEO Booster

SEO Booster

As we all know, eCommerce is becoming a highly competitive industry every day, and online retailers need help attracting traffic to their stores. That’s why SEO is essential. And search engine optimization is not a one-time process. You need to work on it continuously to ensure it drives results.

That’s where SEO Booster can help! It is an eCommerce plugin that helps retailers monitor website performance and provide error reports to make the required improvements. It can help retailers maximize their store traffic and performance if used correctly.

Features of SEO Booster

  • Get insights on SEO score
  • Add and update keywords
  • Auto-management of SEO best practices
  • Doesn’t require any coding

2. Growave


Growave is a Shopify wishlist plugin that allows users to add or save items in their wishlists. This plugin can help you keep your customers hooked by giving them a chance to browse their favorite products any number of times without having to find them again and again,

It will also help you increase sales by reducing shopping cart abandonment rates, and you can also reward customers for sharing their wishlists on social media or any other platform. This plugin is multilingual and also provides 24/7 support. So you will not have to spend time juggling with errors.

Features of Growave

  • Add Customizable button
  • Send automatic targeted emails
  • Provide wishlist rewards
  • Shareable on Social Media

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3. Shopify Search & Discovery

Shopify Search & Discovery

As clear from its name, it is a product search and discovery plugin by Shopify that can help you improve your customer’s search experience by many folds. According to research, 70% of eCommerce website visitors head directly to the search bar to find products they need to buy. Thus, robust search functionality is essential for every online store.

Using this plugin, you can provide a precise search experience to your customers. It lets you add filters and also helps you provide personalized recommendations along with every search.

Features of Shopify Search & Discovery

  • Customize filters to help customers refine their search
  • Increase AOV by providing customized recommendations
  • Drive more sales by optimizing the search experience
  • Show the right results no matter what users type in the search bar

4. Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge is a subscription plugin by Shopify. It helps you set subscription programs on the checkout page that allow connection to your users’ preferred payment methods. It provides a portal for customers to manage their subscriptions easily. It also helps store owners with actionable insights to better meet the customers’ needs.

Features of Recharge

  • Reduce churn rate and increase LTV
  • Robust APIs for workflows and custom checkout flows
  • Detailed analytics
  • Support for major payment processors

5. Shippo


Shippo is an end-to-end shipping solution for Shopify stores. It helps online retailers automate workflows for better business processes across the complete fulfillment journey. Using it, you can deliver a pleasant post-purchase experience to your consumers.

It lets you convert your eCommerce business into a brand by sending shipping emails, developing customizable tracking pages, packing slips, and more. You can increase repeat purchases on your store using this plugin.

Features of Shippo

  • End-to-end automation
  • Best rates on 85+ carriers globally
  • Split orders into several shipments
  • Sync orders with Shopify automatically

Wrapping Up

There are numerous Shopify plugins, extensions, and add-ons that can help you save money and time while providing a seamless experience to your consumers. All you need is to know about them and select the best ones as per your business needs. Contact experts at Envision eCommerce to simplify your Shopify store development process.

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