4 Challenges That You Need to Take Care Of To Sell More This Festive Season

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Challenges To Sell More This Festive Season

The best time for eCommerce brands is coming. And, as a retailer, you must be excited about it. But, are you done preparing for the Holiday Season 2022?

Many retailers in the USA have been working to prepare for the festive season sales since the start of 2022. They invested in tech, marketing, and support to provide a seamless, personalized customer experience and stand out among competitors.

But, still, they will have to face and overcome specific challenges to sell more in the near future. The reasons behind these challenges are increased chances of recession worldwide, cost-conscious consumers, and plenty of options available to shop from.

This blog will discuss the top-four major challenges you may face during the holiday season in 2022 and what you can do to overcome them. So, read on.

Challenge 1: Distracted Website Visitors

One of the retailers’ main challenges during the holiday shopping season is converting confused website visitors. Many of us know that we need to spend money this holiday season. However, we do not know how and what products we should buy. Thus, we keep hunting eCommerce websites one after the other and end up getting frustrated and confused.

It doesn’t matter what you sell; you will also face these challenges during the coming days – more visits and fewer conversions. So, how to deal with it? Let’s find out.


The key to converting these consumers is to provide them with everything they need to complete their purchase. Obviously, you can not add items to their cart and make payments on their behalf. But you can make it easy for them to do this by providing them with features like a robust website search and multiple payment options. Here is how these features can help them:

Make the product search easy: As consumers have many options to shop from during the holiday season, you are responsible for providing your website visitors with a seamless and high-quality product discovery experience.

For example, if you are using Adobe Commerce, you can integrate the Live Search feature (powered by Adobe Sensei) to improve your website search functionality. Over time, it will lead to large orders, higher conversions, and increased brand loyalty. If consumers can find what they are looking for easily, they will buy it immediately.

Allow them to pay how they want: Some consumers are particular about their payment options. Mainly if you target the older generation, they would never like to pay using a new payment method to complete a purchase. Thus, you are responsible for providing your target audience with every payment option available to make their journey fast.

Challenge 2: Cost-Savvy Consumers

Because of economic uncertainties and chances of a recession in some countries, consumers are likely to spend more carefully this year. According to a recent survey, 82% of consumers said that price would matter most when shopping this year during the holiday season.


Even though consumers are worried about employment, the economy, and inflation this year, they will be willing to spend if targeted with the right message.

A combination of the right messaging and competitive pricing can help you win hearts. In addition, you can utilize techniques like product bundling or up-selling to make consumers realize that they are going to close a profitable deal.

Challenge 3: Online Traffic Surge

Because of changing consumer preferences and inclination towards eCommerce, it is evident that online stores will experience great traffic in the coming months. And an online store that fails to handle this traffic will lose out on leads and sales. For consumers, your website’s few minutes of downtime is enough to explore alternative options.

Many brands lost millions of dollars in the past due to website crashes amid the holiday season. Along with money, these brands lost their reputation as well as the trust of their consumers. So, overcome this challenge when selling online during the festive season.


To make sure your website works seamlessly during the holiday season, you must first check the capacity of your web hosting plan. It will help you decide whether you need an upgrade to higher bandwidth to accommodate the upcoming traffic or not. In addition, you must hire support specialists to ensure nothing wrong happens to your online store during this time.

Challenge 4: Security

Because eCommerce traffic remains at its peak during the holiday season, the number of attacks directed at online stores also increases. Here are some most common holiday eCommerce security threats that remain a challenge for online retailers during the festive season of 2022:

  • DDoS attacks
  • Denial of inventory attacks
  • Phishing
  • E-skimming


Protecting your online store from these security threats is not just required but mandatory. A single data breach can result in millions of dollars lost, and building trust from scratch again is the hardest thing to do on earth.

Thus, preparing yourself from these threads is better by enabling SSL, defining shopping cart policies, installing a web application firewall, and taking other security measures. You can also hire security specialists during this time to ensure your web store remains safe and sound.

Wrapping Up

The festive season is an amazing opportunity to attract new and retain old customers. And to capitalize on this opportunity, you don’t need to be an eCommerce expert. But, you need to stay aware and informed about the trends being followed in your industry.

Your only goal should be to provide your consumers with the best deals at the best prices and a smooth shopping experience. Get in touch with experts at Envision eCommerce, and never let any of the challenges mentioned above hamper your holiday sales.


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