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About Southco

A Multi-Region Platform to Sell Engineered Access Solutions

Founded in 1899, Southco is a leading designer and manufacturer of trusted engineered access solutions. The brand serves more than 100,000 customers in 83 countries around the globe and is well-known for the quality and performance of its solutions. This year, they planned to upgrade their store for better data collection, customization, and improved business processes to serve their wide consumer base in an improved manner.


Project Highlights

Southco is a leading market player with several manufacturing and stocking locations in different countries. This year, they wanted to expand their business to new continents, and the alignment of processes was a problem. Using the cloud capabilities of Salesforce, our team enabled the expansion of their B2B business successfully and generated the expected outcomes.

SFCC Implementation

Salesforce Commerce Cloud was implemented by team Envision eCommerce for better management of processes, data, and marketing campaigns. Our team created all the components like PDP, PLP, and custom quick checkout pages using lightning web components from scratch, resulting in improved CX and an accelerated sales process.

Easy Order Management

The team wanted an easy system to manage orders placed over their online store and track sales of different products. We helped them integrate Magento, Salesforce, and SAP for better order management. With this integration, the team was able to fetch out the inventory from the 3rd party and show that on the B2B storefront.

B2B Enablement Worldwide

Our team enabled Southco’s B2B store for customers in different continents for a seamless experience. We implemented B2B in their model in such a way that helped provide a customized experience to users. They can consume content in their own language and make payments in their own currency – a completely personalized experience.

Improved Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment Process

To support the team at Southco in achieving their international expansion goal, we helped them with better management of their eCommerce processes by integrating with SAP for order fulfillment and with Magento for fetching inventory. Nothing was hardcoded in the project, and everything was dynamic for outstanding results.

  • Quick checkout process
  • Fast order processing
  • Improvement in lead conversion and closing time
  • Improved data tracking and inventory management

The Winning Sauce

Key Features / Integrations

  • Salesforce B2B commerce cloud
  • Magento and SAP
  • Lightening web components
  • Integrated SAP through Enosix Connector

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