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About Original Works

A Premiere Art Based Fundraising Company

Original Works is a reputed organization that supports, encourages, and rewards children who are involved in creative pursuits. Their goal is to develop and implement innovative, fun, and profitable fundraising ideas for community groups, schools, clubs & more.

Original Works

Project Highlights

Original Works follows a hybrid business model, and it targets B2C as well as B2B audiences. Their eCommerce website is built on Magento, and the application is powered by Salesforce. The team at Envision eCommerce helped them move to Salesforce seamlessly to optimize their business workflows and team productivity.

Simplified Order Management

The team was processing orders manually, resulting in many errors and delays in order processing. We helped them configure the Salesforce app to manage orders placed via the Magento website. All orders are now coming in Salesforce from Magento via API integration, and there is no scope for errors.

Business Automation

Before migrating to Salesforce, the business was using the Saleslogix app, which restricted them from implementing automation as any integration was impossible. After migration to Salesforce, we helped them handle complex order creation with nested line items and even automated the entire process – from accepting orders to sending the invoice to customers.

Easy Reporting and Analysis

We were able to help the team simplify the reports creation and analysis process using Conga Composer, resulting in increased team efficiency and productivity. Earlier, they used to generate reports through Apex Scripting, which was complicated to understand.

Store Management Simplified with Optimized Workflows

When combined with our code optimization and back-end modernization work, the Salesforce implementation for Original Works generated impressive results.

  • Complete Salesforce implementation within four months
  • Seamless order management and fast processing
  • Business automation with third-party integrations

The Winning Sauce

Key Features / Integrations

  • Conga composer application
  • Salesforce Integration with Adobe Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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