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About ATW

A Unique B2B Platform selling trailers, truck beds, and transportation equipment

Founded in 1982, ATW’s remarkable journey began in modest sheds, barns, and garages, where passionate and hardworking individuals forged the path to success. Through their tireless efforts and a commitment to creating premium equipment, they built a foundation that would eventually lead to their growth and eventual consolidation. United by a common goal, the company continues to thrive, driven by a shared passion for excellence and a dedication to delivering exceptional products.


Project Highlights

ATW team wanted to revive an underutilized portal by addressing technical issues and enhancing automation, leading to increased client satisfaction. Our team actively worked on bug fixes and enhancements and leveraged the Salesforce Omni-channel package and B2B experience cloud for seamless operations. We also worked on managing all the product parts as well in Salesforce.

Revitalizing and Enhancing the Portal

Our team took on the challenge of fixing critical bugs and addressing issues with a B2B experience cloud portal that had previously been built by another vendor but was not in use due to various problems. We focused on enhancing the system’s functionality and automating processes to provide ATW with a seamless and efficient user experience.

Overcoming Technical Knowledge Gaps

One of the major challenges faced during the project was the absence of comprehensive technical knowledge transfer sessions and inadequate documentation of the functionality built. Despite this hurdle, our team diligently worked to gain a deep understanding of the existing system and successfully resolved technical issues.

Leveraging Integration and Automation

In addition to bug fixes and enhancements, our efforts included integrating Tekstop with Salesforce and utilizing the Salesforce Omni-channel package and B2B experience cloud, lightning web components, and Gearset for streamlined deployments from sandbox to production.

Improved Performance, Smoothness, and Look

The collaboration between ATW and the development team resulted in significant improvements to the B2B portal. Overall, the collaboration and efforts of the development team resulted in a transformed B2B experience for ATW, providing clients with a stable, efficient, and user-friendly portal. Key outcomes include:

  • Critical bugs and technical issues were addressed, ensuring a more stable and reliable ATW client portal.
  • Clients were satisfied with the enhanced portal, meeting expectations and providing a seamless experience.
  • We automated processes, including a new ordering system, enhancing efficiency.
  • We added order configuration from Scratch.
  • We developed a portal feature for setting favorite orders, streamlining the process and enabling bulk/mass ordering of products.
  • ATW successfully integrated Tekstop with Salesforce, streamlining data management and customer interactions.

The Winning Sauce

Key Features / Integrations

  • Addressed critical bugs and issues.
  • Enhanced portal stability and reliability for ATW
  • Automated processes for efficiency.
  • Used Gearset to help ATW compare, move, and track changes effectively.
  • Deployed B2B experience cloud and lightning web components.
  • Integrated Tekstop with Salesforce.
  • Implemented Salesforce Omni-channel package.

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