Microsoft Sharepoint and Salesforce Integration

Seamless collaboration and data sharing between two platforms.

Experian and Salesforce Integration

Access to powerful data-driven insights and enhanced customer intelligence.

Docusign and Salesforce Integration

Accelerate and streamline document signing process.

Conga Composer and Salesforce Integration

Simplifies document generation, automates workflows and enables personalized and engaging customer communications.

Microbuilt and Salesforce Integration

Enables more informed decision making and risk management.

Enosix and Salesforce Integration

Allows for real-time integrations with SAP systems.

G Suite and Salesforce Integration

Streamline your workflow & improve productivity.

Linkedin and Salesforce Integration

Target and connect with the right buyers and save time.

MailChimp and Salesforce Integration

Make it easier to manage email lists and contact records.

Netsuite and Salesforce Integration

Enable the flow of data and make informed decisions.


Saleslogix to Salesforce

Migrate from Saleslogix to Saleforce for advanced functionality, robust integrations and comprehensive support.

Hubspot to Salesforce

Migrate from Saleslogix to Saleforce for advanced customization, scalability and integration capabilities.

MS Dynamics to Salesforce

Our experts ensure secured workflows and no data loss.

Hire Salesforce Developer at Affordable Rates

At Envision eCommerce, we have more than 50 pre-vetted, certified Salesforce developers available to get hired on a full-time or part-time basis. Whether you need to scale your engineering team or have short-term staffing requirements, we can help!

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Positive Outsourcing Experience

Using Salesforce, we can help you drive innovation in your Commerce Cloud strategy to bring efficiency in your commerce, marketing, sales, and other services. Here is why we are the best Salesforce Partner you can ever have.

Top Talent

Top 3% Talent

For both Hybrid and Nearshore engagement

Fully Proven & Vetted

Fully Proven & Vetted

50+ trained and certified developers

Elastic team model

Elastic Team Setup

Save 65% in costs versus hiring locally


Frequently Asked Questions

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A lot of organizations do not focus on their end consumers' needs while implementing their CRM strategy. Hence, they fail to build strong relationships with their target audience and lack customer loyalty. The right implementation of Salesforce will help you better understand your end consumers.

At Envision eCommerce, you can hire pre-vetted and certified Salesforce developers to fulfill your business needs. And that too on your own terms! We have flexible hiring and pricing models to suit the requirements of every business.

The cost to hire a Salesforce developer varies depending on the experience and location of the developers. In general, a mid-level Salesforce developer can charge you anything between $50/hour-$110/hour.

Magento and Shopify are both top-notch eCommerce platforms, and you can integrate Salesforce with them to sell faster and profitably. This way, you can manage all your eCommerce projects from a single app to focus more on growing your business.

If you are selling online, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a blessing for you! It can do everything from helping you improve online customer experiences to let you manage multiple storefronts from a single platform. Other benefits include:

  • Effective data analysis.
  • Access to enhanced marketing tools.
  • Automation of marketing efforts.
  • Enhanced mobile shopping experiences.

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