10 Adobe Commerce Features that You Can Use to Grow Your eCommerce Business

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  • 2 years
Adobe commerce platform features

Adobe Commerce, the enterprise version of Magento, is a powerful platform for so many reasons. It helps retailers optimize business processes and drive sales by providing a personalized customer experience to users. In this article, we will see features that empower Adobe Commerce and why retailers must use it to grow their eCommerce businesses.

So, let’s get started.

10 Reasons Why Adobe Commerce is a Perfect Platform for eCommerce Businesses

1. Live Search

Customer experience should be the top priority when building an eCommerce business. It is true that without providing your customers with the CX they desire, your online business can not grow. Adobe Commerce’s live search is a tool that can take the CX of an online store to the next level.

It is an AI-powered tool that provides faster, smarter, and accurate results for B2C and B2B buyers. Live search uses Adobe Sensei AI and combines it with real-time data to provide users with accurate search results.

Moreover, as per research, 43% of website users go directly to the site’s search bar to hunt the products they are looking for. Thus, it is crucial for online retailers to set up a strong site search experience to avoid the chances of customers wasting their time finding the products they need in a huge pool of categories and different products.

2. B2B Functionalities

Managing and scaling a B2B eCommerce business is not as easy as driving expected results in B2C Commerce. Thus, setting up a workable B2B experience requires a robust set of tools that helps you customize everything from product catalog to prices.

B2B buyers are usually very selective and they prefer doing a lot of research before making a purchase. So, as a B2B business, you will have to cater to everyone one of their needs from discovery till purchase to increase conversions, which is only possible with an extensive platform like Adobe Commerce.

With other eCommerce platforms, you will have to do a lot of custom development to achieve what you can get easily in Adobe Commerce. For example, you can leverage many built-in B2B commerce features in Adobe Commerce including:

  • Price negotiations and quote management
  • Custom pricing and product catalogs
  • Multichannel order management and sales
  • Support for purchase orders and approval workflows

3. Support for Hybrid Business Model

Adopting various business models or shifting to new verticals is an ongoing trend in eCommerce. For example, several B2B businesses are now also selling directly to consumers for increasing sales. But, opting for and running a business on a hybrid business model requires better insights into the consumers’ preferences and buying behavior which only a platform like Adobe Commerce Magento could provide.

Adobe Commerce has many such features that make it a good fit for hybrid business models including:

  • The ability to manage multiple products and stores
  • Branded and consistent experience for B2C and B2B
  • Access to unified data for optimizing business strategies.

4. Self-Service Features

Modern-day consumers like self-service. Especially, if we talk about the B2B domain, B2B consumers prefer doing their own research before making a purchase, and Adobe Commerce helps businesses streamline their journey for maximum conversions. It offers several self-service features, including:

  • Defining roles and permissions
  • Uploading by CSV files and order by SKU
  • Managing purchases, quotes, and leftover credit
  • Writing and publishing product reviews
  • Tracking gift cards, store credits, and other reward points
  • Viewing and analyzing order status and history
  • Easy re-ordering of past items

5. Page Builder

It is easy with Adobe Commerce to develop, edit, and modify your website pages or even create new pages without requiring the help of developers. Page builder in Adobe Commerce makes it easy for your customer service or marketing teams to create new website pages using simple drag-and-drop tools.

That means it provides your team the ability to quickly add or update new content and even launch new landing pages to target different consumers (even if they do not have technical skills like HTML and CSS). Thus, Adobe Commerce is an enabler of agile and effective marketing.

6. Easy Integrations

Another feature of Adobe Commerce that makes it different from others is its capability to easily integrate with CRMs and other customer services tools using extensions and APIs.

Adobe Commerce is built on Magento and it is an open-source platform. Thus, it allows easy and fast integration of other CRMs and tools to optimize business processes and decrease workload. Depending on the CRM or tool you want to integrate, the process of integration may be as simple as installing an extension. Or, in some cases, it is crucial to create a custom integration with SOAP or REST APIs.

7. Product Recommendations

Just like live search, this functionality in Adobe Commerce uses data of customers and insights to provide relevant recommendations to customers to increase average order value and overall sales. With brands like Amazon generating 70% of their revenue from this feature, it becomes essential for retailers to use it to the fullest and leverage all that it has to offer.

Adobe eCommerce platform now offers recommendations for B2B merchants as well. In such a scenario, recommended items are tailored to the product line that a particular customer buys.

8. Mobile Compatibility

Adobe Commerce is a perfect platform to target mobile consumers. It provides mobile-first designs and also offers PWA studio.

A PWA is an amazing tool for startups as well as enterprise-level organizations that are trying to establish a solid presence on mobile. It is also cheap to develop a Magento PWA and it runs exactly like a native application to target consumers on small screens effectively.

9. Flexibility

Flexibility is important for your eCommerce business for so many reasons. In the experience-driven commerce world, you must choose a platform that allows you to customize experiences to provide your customers with the desired look and feel. Thankfully, Adobe commerce provides you this flexibility and you will never have to struggle for customizing the experiences when working on Adobe Commerce development.

10. High Scalability

When building or launching an eCommerce business, retailers need to check out how scalable is the eCommerce development platform that they are going to use. If you want your business to grow, you must choose a platform that is scalable, robust, and cost-effective. That’s simply Adobe Commerce.

You can easily scale up or down Adobe Commerce depending on your business needs and budget. Also, you pay depending on how much revenue your store makes which helps you avoid paying for capacity you do not use.

In Conclusion

So, this article lists ten reasons why Adobe Commerce is a platform worth considering for your eCommerce website development needs.

Especially if you want to grow and scale your business to new heights fast and desire amazing marketing capabilities, there is no better platform than Adobe Commerce for you. However, it can be a bit expensive for you if you are on a tight budget. So, do not forget to consult Adobe Commerce experts before you make a decision on choosing or rejecting the Adobe Commerce platform. We are Adobe Commerce partners and our team can help you make the right decision! Let’s connect!


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