Magento Hosting Server Location: Why Does it Matter?

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Magento Hosting Server Location Matters

There are several things you need to check before selecting a Magento Hosting Provider for your online store. One of these most important things is location.

While some say that the location of servers doesn’t matter much, others argue and say that it is a crucial parameter. Let us clear this confusion first.

Location matters!

If you want your Magento store to be as fast as possible, you should focus on the location of your servers before getting into an agreement with a hosting provider. Now, in this article, we will answer why LOCATION should be a major factor to focus on.

So, let’s get started.

3 Reasons Why Location Matters in Magento Hosting

There are several reasons why hosting your online store far from your domestic region is not a good idea. Let’s check out all of them:

1. Effect on Website Speed and Latency

According to research by Google, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 50% of users will leave it right away!

Considering that tolerance isn’t a quality of website visitors, choosing a server location close to the location of your target audience is mandatory. Why? The location of your Magento store’s server will have a direct impact on its speed.

Doing as such will assist with lessening the distance your site data requires to travel, subsequently decreasing website loading time and increasing speed. Specifically, with regards to mobile customers, even a slight improvement in the speed of website pages can have a positive impact on your overall sales.

As per a study by Google in Denmark, mobile customers were found to be 10% more willing to suggest an online store to their friends if its loading speed decreased from 13 to 10 seconds. A further decrease from 10 to 3 seconds increased this number to 26%.

Though store latency is a minor factor when observed as an independent metric, it makes a big difference when numerous calls are made for fetching different resources like JS, CSS, and images from the original server.

For example, for an American user using a Magento store hosted in America, the latency will be around ~50ms whereas it will be ~300ms if the store is hosted in Australia or Asia. Now, you can imagine the effect it would have on website speed.

2. High Chances of Failure and Breach

If we talk in terms of networking, the more devices your store traffic will pass through, the more will be the chances of failure. Let’s think about it in the simplest manner.

If your data or traffic has to pass through one 20 devices instead of 2, the chances of its failure are 10X. Even if you use a reliable Content Delivery Network, it won’t reduce the risk completely.

That’s why hosting in a location where most of your customers are based is going to be a more reliable idea as fewer devices will be involved.

3. Legal Compliances

Remember, if your website is in one country and its servers are in another, you may have to deal with legal consequences.

As a business owner, you should perceive how various countries sanction guidelines with respect to data security-for instance, GDPR in Europe. Every country has different regulations related to how your information can be put away in their servers. For instance, such limitations could mean that if you are a medical services-related business, you can’t store delicate clinical records on hosting servers situated in specific nations.

Final Words

We’ve come to consider the Internet an ethereal and string-free tool that works in the air. Running against the norm, even in 2022, we are vigorously reliant upon physical land and submarine cables that associate humankind with one another from Asia to America, Australia, Europe – and everything in the middle.

So assuming most of your customer base is in the UK, it is not a good idea to host it in the USA. Search for UK-based Magento web-hosting providers, this will make your store quicker for every single European client.

Or, for example, if your target audience is scattered in various nations and you can not find out which location is best for servers, select a data center that is closest to most of your customers. You can think about installing a CDN to facilitate fast-loading website pages for the rest of the customers. If you need any further information or support about hosting your website, get in touch with experts at Envision eCommerce

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