How Can Brands Use Videos for eCommerce Marketing?

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How Can Brands Use Videos for eCommerce Marketing?

From YouTube videos to television ads, Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat to Linkedin, video marketing is now ruling the online world by helping brands accelerate their business growth. For eCommerce brands, in particular, video eCommerce marketing provides a myriad of benefits.

While you can attract customers using high-quality product images, you can effectively do so much more with videos. According to a survey by Wyzowl:

  • 94% of experts say that videos improve users’ understanding of products
  • 80% of them feel that videos positively impact conversions

Video as a marketing strategy can increase revenue, grow traffic, and even improve the user experience that your platform provides. They allow brands to make a human connection with customers that is worth remembering, which pays off in the long run with more credibility, reach, and business. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the benefits of video commerce and how businesses can use it to grow their brand. So, let’s get started.

5 Ways to Use Videos for eCommerce Marketing

Every eCommerce business uses videos differently; you need to find what works best for you before investing. For example, you can plan to use videos in eCommerce for:

  • Product Demonstration

Seeing a product working in the hands of a human being is much more appealing than reading bullet points to understand its working. If you use videos to demonstrate your products, you can easily highlight product features and benefits for your consumers.

In addition, videos will compel customers to buy the product by showing them how it can improve their life. You can build a strong connection with your consumers with products using videos. For example, have a look at this product demonstration video by Nike:

The video tells the origin story of Nike running shoes and what works amazingly here is how the brand defines the vision and idea behind the product. They first showed how the brand was designed and then explained its benefits like nice and modern evolution, natural movement, and others. Plus, it is clubbed with intelligently written taglines like “Engineered for modern motion.”

  • Tutorials

If your business sells unique and innovative products, it is best to use videos for showing consumers how to use them. For customers who are in the product consideration stage of the buying journey, product tutorials can help them move forward and complete the purchase by helping them believe  that they will be able to accomplish what they need from the product.

These tutorial videos will also help reduce product returns by minimizing consumers’ frustration and confusion regarding how they use the product. 

Many brands use tutorials on their eCommerce website to help consumers understand the usage of products, for example, Crossnet, Biolite Portable Grill, and others. You can check their videos on YouTube for more inspiration.

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  • Highlighting Product Features

This type of videos provide consumers with an up-close look at products they are thinking of purchasing. Also known as product spotlight videos, they allow buyers to imagine how the product will feel in their hands and what material is used to make it.

For example, think about how Apple uses product spotlight videos on their website to highlight the sleek designs of their phones and MacBooks. They rotate the video so that consumers can see the clean edges, crystal clear displays, and technology. 

Your customer might not be able to touch the products you sell on your eCommerce store, but intelligently crafted product spotlight videos can compensate and help you improve customer experience.

  • Testimonials

Many eCommerce brands also use testimonial videos to build trust among consumers. They are one of the best ways to grow conversions and increase sales. 

Testimonial videos are usually short, and they are created to specifically capture a customer’s experience after using products or services. Testimonials help release the fear of potential customers by acting as social proof that your service or products work and people benefit from them. 

Your target audience might not believe what you tell them about your products, but they will surely believe verified consumers.

  • Video Ads

Several eCommerce brands have seen great success using promotional videos that are personalized. For example, the brand Dollar Shave Club became very popular after its ad called “Our Blades Are F***ing Great.”

So, if you have the budget, think about creating such an Ad and publish it on all social media channels to reach out to the masses. You can also make it interactive to drive better engagement. 

Mr Baker shop the look popup shoppable film

For example, Ted Baker is a fashion eCommerce retailer, and the brand uses interactive ads to promote its products. They showcase products in videos and insert clickable links in them, which take viewers directly to the website to make purchases.

Wrapping Up

Video commerce is the future of eCommerce. By getting on the trend now, you’ll have the option to ride the first wave of success before the strategy turns out to be common.

But, you need to develop a proper strategy for videos to work for your business to help your organization. After checking out this article, you know how you can do that! Utilize carefully the five ways written above by understanding your audience, putting resources into the right tools, sharing engaging content, and then analyzing the results. All the best for your new initiative!

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