Why do Magento Store Owners Need Performance Optimization?

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Why do Magento Store Owners Need Performance Optimization?

Magento store’s performance is the talk of the town for almost all Magento store owners. The blog is compiled with all such talks and reasons, and these reasons are not just reasons at all. They are just the major factors which could help a Magento store owner to improve his/her store performance.

According to Akamai study, more than 64% of dissatisfied online customers will less likely prefer to buy or visit again a slow eCommerce store. They would mostly prefer a competitor eCommerce store to make a smooth, well optimized and good shopping experience. So, it is necessary for every Magento store owner to optimize their store to serve customers with better store performance.

In this blog, you’ll not only find such common blunders that bring your Magento store to an unpleasant end & just cost you a lot, but also assist you avoid such unpleasant pitfalls and produce uninterrupted sales. Just go through this blog, and find out the useful ways to optimize your Magento store performance and make it faster than ever before.

Slow Loading Speed

Firstly, let’s dive into what mainly causes poor performance in Magento store. The main reason is the slow loading speed of a Magento store.

Here are some of the statistics that you might need to take a look at:

  • 40% of the users abandon a store if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • Drop-in the page load times by 100 milliseconds will amplify the customer conversion rates by 1%.

This means the slow loading speed of a Magento store dramatically pulls down its performance. Sprite Images, CSS and JS file merging to reduce HTTP requests, Varnish cache, PHP accelerator, Full page cache – are the most reliable ways to get better your Magento store’s performance.

Security Concerns

Security is one of the major concerns for Magento store owners as the greater number of hackers’ attacks & security breaches are increasing. These hackers not only get into your Magento store but also spam your customers by stealing their information and credit card details. A protected & secured Magento store will upload the reputation of a Magento store owner and also helps in avoiding downtime. To maintain your Magento store’s security, you need to optimize your store by followings:

  • Monitor latest patch releases & apply them immediately to maintain a secure environment.
  • Employ two-factor authentication
  • Create a custom path for the admin panel
  • Use encrypted connections (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Manage access points and use unique & strong passwords
  • Make your local.xml file and other sensitive files secure
  • Deploy changes carefully
  • Restrict admin access
  • Implement your own strong password policy

Inefficient Magento Database

A large & sluggish database can result in a drastic slow-down in the store performance. An eCommerce store comes with many products & has a large database. Thus to maintain large & potentially inefficient database efficiently, you need to keep log cleaning on a regular basis. A Magento store owner can clean log by using one of the below-mentioned methods:

  • Log Cleaning Via Admin Interface
  • Manual Cleaning with phpMyAdmin
  • Regular Maintenance of Magento Database

Complicated and Opaque Coding Quality

Writing simple code seems a lot harder as compared to writing complex source code. Poorly coded code is not only hard to read & adjust, but also hard to hand over to other Magento developers. Thus, good internal and uncomplicated source code requires to follow Magento coding standards and guidelines. Ensure that you’re avoiding static code and using self-documenting code comments. Undoubtedly, It’s not hard at all to maintain self-documenting comments along with your code. And, as a Magento developer, you should know that the code can only tell you how the program performs; but comments can notify why it works. For a better code optimization for better store performance, examine and recognize every kind of bottlenecks in your code both front- and back-end. Database queries should also be optimized. For instance, a developer should clearly know the difference between getSingleton() and getModel().

Outdated Version or Buggy Extension

An outdated or buggy extension negatively affects your Magento store performance with different warning signs. Some of the major warning signs that ring an alarming bell for a Magento store include compatibility of outdated extension with the latest Magento version,  existing functionality breakage, bad impact on other updated extensions, no access to new functionality from latest Magento version, and many other that lead to an indicative of a worse & a more cluttering situation. Thus, if you have a bunch of extensions sitting around your Magento store, ensure that you are using up-to-date extensions. It will be wise to use only updated extensions and lose the outdated ones.

By avoiding these reasons & following aforeshared tips, you should be well on your way to optimizing your Magento store for its better performance. If you have any further queries on how to optimize your Magento store performance, contact us today, our team of certified Magento developers is ready to serve you!

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Our core Magento speed optimization services include the followings:

  • Magento® Code Optimization
  • Magento® Front-end Optimization
  • Server Optimization Database Optimization
  • Magento® Profiling
  • Magento®Setting Optimization

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