What is Magento 2?

  • author-img Nidhi Arora
  • 7 years

Magento 2 was announced in the year 2010. The plans were to release it by the end of 2011, there were delays like in any major launch. But now last year, finally the release of the alpha version was announced and the same is available on github. It was a long wait for all the community member who wanted to see the latest version of Magento. Magento has been a leader in all these years and the recent release would certainly help it grab more market share.

Magento 2 Features Architecture

One of the major advantage Magento 2 will be bringing is that it is using the latest available technology like PHP 5.4 and 5.5, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and {less}. In this edition, Magento moves from prototype.js to jQuery. Require.js will also help loading pages faster.

Major changes

  • Use of Composer to install Magento
  • The Main class “Mage::” that is used as a God class in Magento 1 is eliminated in new edition
  • The concept of view in the module will help decrease the over all development time
  • New File structure which will allow the developers code quickly and avoid dependencies
  • The concept of Containers which will allow to have a new logic structure to clearly organize blocks and define sections of the layout
  • The integrations with external systems are simplified via enhanced APIs
  • The new Magento Testing Framework will allow developers to automate functional testing of the developed functionality
  • There are no product types in Magento 2. no configurable/simple, instead you generate variations based off attributes

There are regular updates happening in Magento now and we will be summing all those up in more posts. Stay tuned.

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