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Make Your Ecommerce Business Stand Out from the crowd (1)

Today the internet has turned individuals into shrewd online shoppers. So, every online retailer should be an exaggerated version of themselves, especially when they’re in front of their potential audience. Because we believe that making an e-commerce business stand out throughout competitors is not as simple as it sounds. But don’t worry, here we have hand picked some phenomenal quirks, tendencies, and eccentricities that help you build a powerful brand strategy and get your e-commerce business noticed.

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Offer Cutting-edge Products

New and better products on your online store will automatically stand out your business from the crowd. If you’ve abundance of the same items in your store as everyone else, then price is the only way to compete and differentiate yourself from competitors. In fact, this technique will quickly turn into a race to the bottom.

As an online retailer, you should keep your close eye on each emerging technology and expansion, so that you can create buzz and excitement for your e-commerce business. Plus, innovation, development of own custom products and improvements to existing ones can allow your business to stay on top of e-commerce trends and dominate the particular market for long.

Your competitors can anytime jump on the trend you are dealing with, so never rely on manufacturers to furnish your online store with new opportunities, just think beyond, adapt the changes constantly and come up with your own product lists.

Raise Your Brand Name

Sometimes, your store is not able to compete on price, product as well as shipping. In that case, you should ensure that your voice is something that others can’t copy. If they create a duplicate business in every other regard, your brand name remains your own and unique.

Just look at the ways and highlight the different aspects of your business. For instance; Do you sell customized or hand made  products? Is your e-commerce business customer-friendly? Do you offer high-quality products as compared to your competitors? Is your persona quirky in some way? Have you considered to bring humor to a market that’s filled with seriousness or vice versa? Have you planned to use custom packaging?

These are the strategies that can be easily imitated, although there are also some that can’t be emulated. So, be careful and analyze the difference and always ready to adapt the change when your new or unique selling proposition is no longer uncommon.

Benefits of Third-party channels

Valuable marketing tools are another great way to stand out your business in the online market. But always keep in mind that showing up the value of your business on other people’s platforms will help you with your SEO as well as with your credibility.

Not only this, you can take advantage of third-party channels by delivering value adding content to your potential audiences. However, this strategy will improve your online profile and increase new clients in the process.

If you want to get featured on new sites and industry blogs, then try to respond to Help a Reporter Out (HARO) queries. But make sure never forget to use badges to showcase the notable publishers on your site that have described your business.

Evidence-Based Practices

Credibility indicator is a social proof which encourages new website customers to place an order with you. If you find that your visitors browsing your site for a while, but not making a buying decision, means there’s a little social proof that can be upsetting them.

So below we shared some good examples to leverage social proof on your website.

Celeb endorsement: You can highlight those products that celebrities enjoy using or wearing to push your visitors to hit ‘Add-to-Cart’ Button.

Testimonials: Your website’s ‘Testimonial Page’ should offer a balanced perspective like good and bad customers’ reviews for your new and future clients, although give them a sense of security.

User-generated content: If possible, ask your visitors to share pictures of themselves using or wearing your item to increase the number of sales.

Implement “Like” or “Favorite” button: Let your audience to “like” or “favorite” products without purchasing them. Then, show the total specific number in your product lists to encourage the future customers.

Charitable Partnership Can Be Powerful

Most of the audience believe that they are doing good for the world, even with their online shopping. So, create a standout customer experience with a charitable cause and show viewers that you, the owner of the brand/store, are donating a portion of your revenue to feel them better about your business as well as with their shopping.

Business partner or any new partner can cause you personally, so be careful with your choice. When you are looking for an organization or charity to tie up with, just explore wisely and find a good fit that helps you in marketing and PR standpoint, plus support you in increasing media exposure.

Therefore, these are some essential ways that help your online business stand out. Just work on displaying your business’s unique personality instead of toning it down. Always consider points that make you fascinating about e-commerce sites, use it in your website and marketing to earn the customers for life.

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