Magento – Fix Malicious JavaScript Credit Card Hack

  • Nidhi Arora
  • 5 years
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Recently we wrote about the new JavaScript malware issue & how to remove the malicious code from your affected website. In this blog post, we would again like to draw your attention towards JavaScript credit card hijack as the number of affecting sites are increasing. And, also a credit card hijacked shop results in almost immediate loss of money.

Credit card Hijack infects Magento site by allowing hackers to capture financial data, like credit card credentials. The malware is injected into the browser of your site’s visitors & it captures all credit card details (unencrypted yet) your client types there.

Envision Ecommerce has already suspected this malware (see earlier blog post) and its reason, i.e., Unpatched Magento shop. So, if you haven’t completely patched your Magento store yet, or couldn’t able to determine whether your site has been affected or not, or don’t know how to remove such malicious code from your Magento store, we recommend you to verify the safety of your Magento store at & ‘clean’ your store following the steps shared in our earlier blog – “New JavaScript Malware Issue? Ensure You Have Deployed All Magento Security Patches”.

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