Magento + Adobe – The Commerce Power of Collaboration

  • author-img Nidhi Arora
  • 5 years

Recently, Magento announced a collaboration with Adobe to bring a new commerce power together. This collaboration is beneficial for merchants as it enables them to offer a unified and more personalized customer experience across all commerce channels to win the hearts of consumers. As part of this collaboration, Adobe allows its comprehensive content management solution to be utilized by Magento users for better user experience across different digital channels. Furthermore, Magento allows its digital commerce suite to be leveraged by merchants for personalized messaging and promotions in conjunction with Adobe Experience Manager.

A Strong Joint Voice from the Collaboration Partners:

According to Mark Lavelle (CEO of Adobe Commerce) – “With today’s consumers more demanding of the brands and merchants they shop, it’s imperative for merchants to not just compete, but lead, on customer experience. With this joint solution, merchants now have limitless flexibility and powerful personalization to better differentiate themselves from competitors”.

Another important say on this collaboration from the end of Aseem Chandra (A Vice president of Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target) – “Adobe and Magento are creating a powerful platform to contextually engage shoppers and deliver the best possible shopping experience across all touch points. We are making it possible for the promise of compelling, personalized shopping experiences to become a reality.”

How will this Collaboration Bring New Commerce Power?

The joint solution will deliver a huge range of services to its consumers, both B2B as well as B2C. First of all, it will provide consistent shopping experience by allowing transactions to complete at any place and anytime. Next, customers will have a more personalized experience between the channels via a hassle-free, economical & flexible platform. Also, it will offer real-time solutions such as insights, analytics, and personalization, to stay ahead of demanding curve of customers & having an effective business agility. What is more, this collaboration will have a common architecture to deliver single control to users to generate a quality & distinctive brand experience.

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