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The online education industry is highly competitive and seeing rapid innovation in marketing tactics, content design, user engagement, and eLearning technology since COVID-19. As educational institutions were forced to go online, having a water-tight digital commerce strategy is not an option anymore, it’s a necessity.


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Deploying digital commerce solutions for the online education industry involves a tradeoff between the number of features and ease of usage and administration. Envision’s robust stack of end-to-end digital commerce solutions allows you to offer an impressive set of features that ensure superior user experiences without giving up on seamless management.


Personalize your online education platform’s experience for different audiences for better digital experiences and leverage robust recommender systems to capture cross-selling opportunities.

Advanced search

Enable advanced search to provide swift online buying experiences by allowing your customers to find books or other educational products using various filters and specific field searches.

Integration with marketplace & google books

With Envision, integrate your eCommerce platform with Facebook’s Marketplace and Google Books to enable enhanced search engine visibility and cash in on the untapped potential.

Bundle products/courses

As your digital commerce solutions provider, Envision offers you the ability to offer bundle complementary educational products and courses that help you increase profits and generate a wider range of buyers.

Digital asset management

Digital content is of paramount importance when it comes to online learning. Manage your digital assets like eBooks, audio books, and visual learning elements with a reliable and secure infrastructure.

Vendor management

Enable seamless vendor management using Envision’s leading-edge digital commerce solutions that ensure compliance, automates two-way communication and helps in aligning business goals.

Rich interface for different users

Provide superior digital experiences to every link of your educational value chain by offering rich and personalized user interfaces for different user sections like tutors, authors, students, and buyers.

Live preview

To rule sales in the education industry, you need to offer product previews to win customers over. Envision helps you offer live previews of your courses or books that boost your conversion rates.

Integration with online assessment services

Assessment is a critical part of the online education experience. Envision’s best-in-class digital commerce solutions allow you to seamlessly integrate with online assessment services that offload the evaluation responsibilities.

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Catch up with the online education wave

To deliver highly customized solutions that are scalable and robust, Envision works hard to gauge the trends in customer behavior and industry dynamics. Here are some of our key findings:

+ 10%

Increase in Customers

7 %

Increase in Orders

+ 700

GB – Content served swiftly

Art-based fundraising platform with online gallery and marketplace

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Catch up with the online education wave
To deliver highly customized solutions that are scalable and robust, Envision works hard to gauge the trends in customer behaviour and industry dynamics. Here are some of our key findings:

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Breakneck revenue growth with digital commerce for EdTech

AThe pandemic has changed many lives and industries. Online education and publishing is nothing different. In this report, we discuss how you can leverage digital commerce solutions to unlock growth.

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