How to Clean & Manage Cache in Magento 2?

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  • 6 years

It is important for every eCommerce store owner to understand how to clean as well as efficiently manage a cache in Magento 2. As the 2nd version of the platform having some differences as compared to current one, so it is very important to understand the different commands related to Magento 2 cache management.

How to clean cache in Magento 2?

To clean cache in Magento 2, you need to run the following command on root of Magento installed:

php bin/magento cache:clean


Now, the question arises that how to check the cache status?

To check the cache status, you can use the following command:

magento cache:status

However, if there a need to enable or disable cache, what commands you really need?

To enable/disable cache, you can use the following commands:

magento cache:enable [type] ... [type]

magento cache:disable [type] ... [type]

Disabling cache is essential when doing development, as it offers users with an ability to distinguish the results of your enhancements without any need to flush cache.


How to flush Magento 2 cache storage?

To remove outdated items from cache in Magento 2, we recommend you to go with the following command to flush it:

magento cache:flush

Congratulations! Now, you have all the commands in your hands to efficiently manage a cache in Magento 2. In case of any difficulty, leave your comments below – a certified team of Magento developers will always assist you.


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