How Facebook Ads Help Brands Convert Leads into Shoppers?

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  • 4 years
How Facebook Ads Help Brands Convert Leads into Shoppers?

Today, almost all types of information like news stories about current issues, civic bodies’ updates, and information on the most popular brands have been channelized to the futuristic generation via social media platforms. Social media channels are the most emerging as well as strong contenders exist by traditional means of communication for brands. For Instance:

Twitter drives massive user engagement through hash tags and retweets, Instagram drives engagement, using well-captioned and interesting pictures. Similarly, Facebook’s superiority lies in its incomparable reach of 184 million customers who access the platform each month, and the fact that it offers – an ability for brands to curate stories, as well as experiment with content, videos and motion pictures.

The format of Facebook’s creative ads is like PockeTVC, carousels and others which help brands to express a story in one-of-a-kind and impactful way. Furthermore, Facebook’s ad formats contain video, image and carousel which instantly generates awareness of the closest business area, and thereby provide information to customers that they actually require to get there and help them to established brands drive in-store sales.

Understands Your Targeted Audience

Facebook benefits brand to reach the correct arrangement of targeted audience covering behavior segments and demographic interest. A local store locator is accessible for carousel and make the ads even more valuable for customers by placing contact detail and opening hours of adjacent stores just a single click away.

However, Facebook has the ability to effectively urge the client to visit the adjacent store of the specific brand, and even for advertisement formats such as Video Ads, Carousel and Photo that are intended at driving awareness. Third parties like Nielsen have measured as well as proven that the awareness impact translates to boost in sales as compared to the actual physical stores.

In addition to this, Facebook has extensively worked with brick and mortar brands over the last year and helped them build a strong bridge between the online and offline. By utilizing the features like carousal ads, slideshow, etc., these brands have been capable to reach out to their potential customers who are active users of Facebook on portable and desktop.

A list of campaigns that have worked outstandingly for traditional brands, such as:

Jewelry brand i.e. Tanishq who has approximately 160 stores in 80 urban areas crosswise over India, chose to exhibit its designs with dazzling close-up shots utilizing carousel ads to catch individuals’ attention. Significantly, it led them to its physical stores by adding a “Shop Now” call-to-action button that brought individuals to its website to earn a discount voucher and redeemed in-store. By using all these tools, Tanishq able to saw a 30 percent growth in in-store sales as well as in-store footfall among 25 to 44 year olds during its campaign.

Another women’s popular brand, namely Veet utilized Facebook to reinforce its TV promotions and fortify its campaign with the aim of urging ladies to purchase its hair removal cream. However, this brand partnered with innovative agency, i.e. iContract and Facebook’s Creative Shop to develop an integrated campaign and adapt its prevailing TV promotion into snappier video advertisements. To slope things up, it controlled the advertisements with reach and recurrence purchasing to achieve 18-to 55-year old ladies in India on an enormous scale. This hearty multi-screen methodology made a great impact on Veet’s intended audience and resulting nearly 11 percent incremental rise in-store sales in a market where Facebook advertisements were implemented versus a market where they were definitely not.

Therefore, in an era of ever-evolving e-commerce stores and ground-breaking marketing technologies, Facebook make an obvious choice for brands to rework their ad campaigns and earn more optimistic interest for their products. So if you are still not using the affordability and feasibility of tools that Facebook offers, then connect it today and generate more ROI.

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