How does Magento 2 Index Work?

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There are various significant aspects in Magento 2 which needs to concern if Magento store owners want to attain a successful site. But ‘Index Management’ is imperative process when it comes to the eCommerce store. That’s why, today in this post we have mentioned the complete information related to Magento 2 Index Management including descriptions, coding and explanations.

Introduction: Magento 2.0 Index Management

Magento 2, like Magento 1 has an enhanced Index Management system that helps in updating all the changes (like adding a new category, new products, new catalog, changes in the cost and other data) made from the admin panel, by its own.

How does Magento 2 Index Work?

Indexing is nothing but a vital part of Magento 2 where store owner needs this to be in action while adding, deleting or updating the records related to products and categories in their Magento 2 stores.

If the schedule job has already activated in its system, then Magento 2 Index will run automatically on any action performed for a catalog, or if you want to run any commands on Magento, then you need to get into the Magento CLI standard, here is how it will go:

Go to root directory of Magento from terminal (Linux, mac) or command prompt on windows

In fact, you can also run the commands in the following ways:

cd <your Magento install dir>/bin and run them as ./magento <command name>
php <your Magento install dir>/bin/magento <command name>
<your Magento install dir> is a subdirectory of your web server’s docroot.

For Linux:

cd magento root/bin
magento indexer:reindex

For windows:

Use php installed or use php.exe path to run command, here is how it will go:

cd magento root/bin
php magento indexer:reindex

Now let’s get into more details for indexer in Magento 2 with terminal:

  • Get list of available indexer in Magento 2


magento indexer:info


php magento indexr:info

Above command will get you following available indexer with Magento 2.1

design_config_grid                            Design Config Grid

customer_grid                                   Customer Grid

catalog_category_product               Category Products

catalog_product_category               Product Categories

catalog_product_price                      Product Price

catalog_product_attribute              Product EAV

catalogsearch_fulltext                     Catalog Search

cataloginventory_stock                   Stock

catalogrule_rule                              Catalog Rule Product

catalogrule_product                        Catalog Product Rule

  • How to check status of indexer?

Whether indexing is required or ready, the following command will get you the status of all the indexer


magento indexer:status


php magento indexer:status

Here is the result from above command.

Design Config Grid:                               Ready

Customer Grid:                                     Ready

Category Products:                              Reindex required

Product Categories:                             Reindex required

Product Price:                                      Reindex required

Product EAV:                                       Reindex required

Catalog Search:                                    Reindex required

Stock:                                                    Reindex required

Catalog Rule Product:                         Reindex required

Catalog Product Rule:                         Reindex required

You can also check status of individual indexer. For example, if you want to check the status of catalog_category_product


magento indexer:status catalog_category_product


php magento indexer:status catalog_category_product

Here is how it will display the results based on the above command

Category Products:                         Reindex required

3. How to re index all the indexing?


magento indexer:reindex


php magento indexer:reindex

Here are the results with time:

Design Config Grid index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:05

Customer Grid index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:05

Category Products index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:05

Product Categories index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:00

Product Price index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:25

Product EAV index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:8

Catalog Search index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:15

Stock index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:01

Catalog Rule Product index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:25

Catalog Product Rule index has been rebuilt successfully in 00:00:00

This is all about Magento 2 Index Management System! But, before we take off, we just want to add one last thing in this, which might be possible that, “Your eCommerce store is managed by multiple administrators.” So, in that particular case, you can make a setting in the system to prevent it from any misfortunes and make the indexer perform the corn jobs.

If you still have any query regarding this “How to”or would like to add some suggestions to this solution, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and talk to our Magento certified experts.
Stay tuned for more “How to” blog on Magento 2. Till then Happy Magento 2 Coding!

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