Google rolls out AdWords account-level call extensions & More Click-to-Call Updates

  • Nidhi Arora
  • 4 years
Google rolls out AdWords account-level call extensions & More Click-to-Call Updates
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Last summer, in 2016 Google started a test by displaying business names in the headlines of call-only ads after the phone number, and that change led to outstanding conversion results. That’s why now Google is rolling it out of testing worldwide.

Google has just made the announcement regarding the Account-Level Call Extensions & More Click-to-Call Updates this Wednesday.

Account-level call extensions

With Account-level call extensions, advertisers will soon be able to set up all their call extensions on a larger scale rather than implementing them at a campaign or ad group level. However, this extension makes possible for advertisers to implement call extensions across their entire account. It is expected that this new series of update is slated to take off sooner at some point this week.

Call extensions detail at keyword and ad levels

Soon Reporting columns for “Phone calls” and “Phone impressions” will be available to check phone-through rates at the keyword and ad group levels in the interface of AdWords.

More Advertisers Will Be Included in Automated call extensions

Google will soon be adding more advertisers in automated call extensions in the coming months. Most probably the program will be introduced in January, in which Google automatically drags the phone numbers highlighted on landing pages and sets up call extensions in advertisers’ accounts that do not already have them.

Therefore, if you have got call extensions set up, then you don’t need to worry about this or if you intentionally don’t use them, then see the following link:

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