Google Allo – 10 Reasons to Pick Up Google Allo Instead of WhatsApp

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  • 5 years

Let’s get straight down to the nitty-gritty world of WhatsApp Vs Google’s new smart messaging app – “Google Allo”. It seems that Google is surely successful in both stealing its spotlight & cracking the winning formula running behind WhatsApp. Google has created an incomparable all-in-one messaging app – Google Allo which is equipped with a bunch of ‘SMART FEATURES’. It allows you to do more than just chatting compared to WhatsApp. This WhatsApp killing app will certainly be your next Instant messaging hub.

Here are Ten Good Reasons Forcing You to Pick up Google Allo Instead of WhatsApp:

Smart Reply Suggestions in Tune with Your Style

The app is coupled with a ‘Smart Reply’ feature which captures a user’s replying pattern and then offers relevant reply suggestion to the user. A user just needs to choose and click on those predefined contextual suggestions and can respond without even typing a single word. This feature is a magic of Artificial Intelligence. It is mainly helpful in saving a user’s time.

Incognito Chat Mode – No More Worry about Privacy

Allo comes with selective end-to-end encrypted chats. It means you can chat with a selected contact in its Incognito chat mode. This encrypted chat history will get automatically cleaned once your conversation gets over.

Built-in Google Assistant – Jack of All Trades

Here comes Allo’s built-in Google Assistant which is the jack of all Google trades. A user can chat with this Google’s virtual assistant in a separate thread. You can also summon it in any other on-going conversation by just typing “@google” and it fetches the richness all things Google-related such as

  • Google Now to set alarm, reminders & timers
  • Google Photos to show photos
  • Gmail to show you your emails
  • Google News to show all latest local & international news, sports news, cricket news & live scores.
  • Google translate to interpret text or images
  • Weather status to predict all about weather
  • Google search to search the web for you
  • Random fun, jokes, random fact, etc
  • Allows to chat, quiz or a doodle game, send stickers
  • Google maps to share location in your on-going conversation
  • YouTube and so on.

Now, you don’t need to jump out of the app to search for anything on search engines.

Font Size Formatting via Whisper & Shout Buttons

WhatsApp only allows you to bold, strikethrough or italicize your text. However, Allo also allows you to increase or decrease the size of text via sliding the send button up & down.

Timer Setting Option to Auto-Delete Messages

It’s time setting option to delete chat messages automatically. A user can set a chat expiration period for 5 seconds to maximum one week. And, once the chat expiration period gets finished, the chat history or messages will also get disappear.

Context Answers about Any Image Coming Your Way

Allo is too smart to provide intelligent suggestions related to the content of the image or photo. For example, if your friend sends you a photo of his pet, you may get intelligent reply suggestions like “awe-cute” or “I love pets.”

Annotate Images with Text or Simply Doodle

It allows to annotate an image with text similar to Snapchat-esque feature or you can simply doodle something on it.

A Very Cool UI Compared to WhatsApp

It is pretty amazing and fun to use its colorful fonts and icons. It’s cool user interface, giving this app an edge over WhatsApp.

More Advanced Stickers

Google Allo contains pretty cool stickers as compared to WhatsApp’s only smileys.

A Pure Google Creation:

As you all know, WhatsApp is now an official property of Facebook, but Allo is purely a Google’s own creation. It doesn’t contain video calling or direct phone calling options yet, as the main aim of Allo is to encourage users to take advantages of other Google apps such as Duo & Hangouts.

Although WhatsApp is currently a king among Instant messaging apps. But, there is a high possibility that WhatsApp users will fall in love with Allo’s smart features and this app will become a leader among all standard chatting platforms. What’s your viewpoint? Share your suggestions in the comment section below!

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