What Factors Will Drive eCommerce Growth in the Future: In Conversation with Marcin Rosada

The accelerated growth of eCommerce can be attributed to many reasons – advancements in technology and COVID-19 being the major ones. However, as a result, we are seeing major changes in consumers’ behavior, bringing traction to online channels from offline ones.

But, there are still some (actually many) businesses who are struggling to make ends meet due to increased competition after the world saw a large wave of digital transformation. To help them, we started this expert Q&A session where we talk to industry experts and ask them about what can help such companies and businesses thrive. Our today’s expert is Marcin Rosada, an eCommerce expert, and B2B enthusiast.

So, let’s get the conversation started and uncover some invaluable insights.

eCommerce Expert Marcin Rosada

Who did we interview?

Marcin Rosada is B2B eCommerce Manager at Coffeedesk. With around a decade of experience working in the eCommerce industry, he specializes in eCommerce project management, marketing, budgeting, content management, and many other aspects that are crucial to making an online store profitable. He also possesses front-end and back-end development skills to help businesses scale and grow faster.

Q1: What exciting projects are you working on right now?

I am currently devoting most of my time to implementing a new B2B platform. This is a strategic project for Coffeedesk with the aim of creating an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that meets all our customers’ expectations.

A major challenge is to faithfully implement our Supreme Service. We want to offer the same high level of online service on the new platform that our customers get from the Business Support Team when dealing with us offline.

Q2: What potential do you see for the eCommerce industry as a whole?

I see a great future for the eCommerce industry. The share of online shopping will continue to grow for a long time to come. The ease of online shopping, the high level of security, and convenient and fast delivery methods will be factors that will drive the growth of the eCommerce industry.

The online and offline worlds will become even more intertwined. Processes initiated online will be completed offline. This will also work in the other direction. We are aiming to blur the boundaries because the most important thing for the customer will be a consistent customer experience, regardless of what part of it takes place online and what part takes place offline.

Q3: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in post-pandemic eCommerce trends?

During the pandemic, many customers appeared who had not previously bought online. The pandemic made them trust online shopping. They found that eCommerce provided convenience and security. But with their emergence as shoppers, their expectation of making all processes as simple as possible became noticeable.

This has led many eCommerce companies to start simplifying the purchase path and many other processes in which customers are involved.

Q4: What industries do you think will take the biggest piece of the pie due to this surge in eCommerce?

I think all industries will grab ‘their’ piece of the pie. Both those that are already doing very well online and those that are not so popular online yet.

Industries that are very popular now, e.g., consumer electronics or fashion, will still be a very big piece of the eCommerce pie. But an increasing percentage share will be gained by those industries that have not so far been associated with online shopping. Examples include furniture or car sales. Until now, certain habits and customs have been a barrier.

These are now slowly disappearing. Sometimes the barrier was technology, which has developed so much that it now allows you to ‘try on’ furniture and visualize it in your living room. You can also ‘get into’ a virtual car and see it from the inside without having to leave your home and drive to a car showroom.

The growth of eCommerce will also benefit all industries without which eCommerce is not possible. I am thinking of the IT industry, logistics, data analytics, etc. Any industry that helps eCommerce companies to increase sales or improve processes will be the beneficiary of the fact that the share of online shopping will continue to increase for a long time to come.

Q5: Any specific technology trend where store owners should consider investing?

Online shop owners should keep a close eye on anything related to the word ‘headless.’ I believe that all technologies that provide flexibility and increase the speed at which online shops can adapt to customer expectations will have a big future.

One such trend is precisely the headless philosophy, which allows you to quickly change the front end of your shop without having to modify the back end of your shop. I would also suggest keeping an eye on any technology that allows you to experience online products that have previously been very much associated with offline. Virtual reality or augmented reality are examples of such technologies.

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about today’s session. We thank Marcin Rosada for talking to us and sharing essential insights about the industry. We hope you find this session insightful! For more critical discussions and insights, subscribe to our content and stay updated with what’s new in eCommerce and Magento.

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