International eCommerce and Product Delivery: In Conversation with Marc Zazeela

Due to eCommerce’s flexibility and affordability, retailers have no restrictions when it comes to growth. They can expand their businesses to several nations and target a diverse audience to maximize profits.

But is it easy? In today’s episode of expert Q&As, we will talk to Marc Zazeela, an international eCommerce expert and growth creator, to find an answer to this question. We will talk everything about global eCommerce to find some invaluable insights and tips to leave a mark on the world with your offerings. So, let’s get started.

eCommerce Expert Marc Zazeela

Who did we interview?

Based out of Florida, Marc Zazeela is an international eCommerce expert who is passionate about helping eCommerce organizations eliminate the barriers to international sales. His expertise lies in helping international eCommerce businesses increase conversion rates, improve profit margins, and decrease shopping cart abandonment rates.

Q1: What exciting projects are you working on at present?

Working on a new duty and tax calculator for international shipments. This will make it easy for brands to show their international customers the complete purchase cost.

Q2: What do you think are the most important trends in eCommerce for 2022 to increase conversions and boost sales?

Since I am involved in international eCommerce, I think the easiest way to boost sales is to increase one’s exposure to international markets. There is less competition and less availability of products. People like buying from American companies.

Q3: Customer Experience is at the heart of eCommerce. What should a good eCommerce customer experience journey look like, according to you? Is it all about digital touchpoints, or do physical interactions matter as well?

All of the digital touchpoints are important, but companies tend to overlook the physical interaction. Getting the package delivered is the last link in the ecommerce chain. If all else goes well, but the delivery experience is poor, that poor experience is what will remain in the customer’s mind. International deliveries are inherently problematic. Taking proactive steps to minimize potential delays and failures is important to producing the best result possible.

Q4: What technologies, platforms, or channels should marketers or brands use to excel in the digital commerce world and turn their businesses into brands?

Since the first thing consumers look for is tracking information, creating and using a branded tracking page is a great way to keep your brand in front of them. Brands get no value out of sending customers to the carrier’s tracking sites. And, for international eCommerce, displaying a fully landed cost at checkout is paramount to providing the best overall experience.

Q5: What potential do you see for the eCommerce industry as a whole? And which industry verticals would take the biggest piece of the pie after the surge in eCommerce sales due to the pandemic?

We have seen how the pandemic advanced eCommerce by ten years in 2 years. That has caused people to develop new habits. People who had never purchased anything online are now masters at eCommerce buying.

Even during a recession, consumers will continue to buy essential items like health and beauty, food and beverage, nutrition, and pet supplies. Companies that are in those verticals will continue to grow despite a downturn in the global economy. The future holds great promise for B2B sales as more companies learn how to work remotely. B2B has been largely untapped, and that is where we should see considerable growth in the years ahead.

Q6: Any specific tips that you would like to provide for brand owners, marketers, and others juggling to scale an eCommerce business?

Think like your customers. Adding fancy widgets to your site may seem cool to people who understand technology, but the reality is that most of your customers are regular people who may not appreciate all that it took to create.

Also, forget about asking people to sign up in order to buy. I find and have been told that it is a feature that many people consider annoying and intrusive. I never register for a brand’s web store. If you want my money, don’t expect me to jump through hoops to give it to you.

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about today’s session. We thank Marc Zazeela for talking to us and sharing essential insights about the industry. We hope you find this session insightful! For more critical discussions and insights, subscribe to our content and stay updated with what’s new in eCommerce and Magento.

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