Mobile Apps are the Key to Success in eCommerce: In Conversation with Gaurav Jain

The eCommerce industry is all set to grow by all leaps and bounds. But, what eCommerce businesses need to do to keep up with the pace is uncertain.

To help businesses around the world eliminate this uncertainty, we started the expert Q&A series where we talk to eCommerce enthusiasts to shed some light on the future of eCommerce. Our guest for this week is Gaurav Jain, director, and Co-Founder at MageComp.

Today, we will talk to him about what’s going to be popular in the digital commerce world in the next few years. So, let’s get started.

Gaurav Jain


Who did we interview?

With a demonstrated history of working in the eCommerce industry, Gaurav Jain is a director and co-founder at MageComp. He is an expert in Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce and helps businesses manage their digital solutions to perfection.

Q1: What exciting projects are you working on right now?

At present, we are working on one athlete project where globally known athletes will share their nutrition and all with general customers, and those products will be available for purchase on the website. I am totally amazed at how the eCommerce industry is expanding to various domains.

We are also working on developing mobile apps for Magento/Shopify/Woocommerce and custom eCommerce stores.

Q2: What potential do you see for the eCommerce industry as a whole?

From my perspective and after observing the current tendency, I can say that after COVID-19, people’s shopping habits have changed completely. They prefer buying online rather than visiting physical shops. eCommerce retailers have started adopting new technologies, methods, and ideas to serve their customers in the best possible way.

I also anticipate that mobile commerce will dominate the eCommerce industry in the near future. I see that people spend a lot of time on smartphones in their pastimes. We can see that mobile phones have incredibly eased our daily tasks. For example, today we’re doing monetary exchanges and financial transactions without going to any bank physically. We’re paying electricity bills, rent, fees, airfare, funds just by utilizing our cellphone. Everything has gone digital and fast.

I’ve also noticed that the B2B model is working better than the B2C model because the B2B model eliminates unnecessary manual processes resulting in more revenue. Also, eCommerce store owners are opening more than just one sales channel to pass the message about their services or products. I predict people will be leveraging social media outlets, mobile shopping apps, online marketplaces, GoogleAds rather than using traditional marketing ways like banners and brochures.

When I’m in a hurry several times, I use voice search. And I’ve also seen this feature on most eCommerce sites. Vendors know that their customers want everything fast so they have installed this technology on their web properties. Wearable technology is also in-trend now. So observing the current scenario, it seems that the eCommerce industry is going to be more advanced in the future with all these technologies.

Q3: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in post-pandemic eCommerce trends?

Talking about post-COVID-19, I think that it has impacted positively on sectors associated with the eCommerce industry. We hear from everywhere that it has caused significant impacts on online transactions. During the lockdown, people were purchasing vegetables, fruits, commodities, groceries, clothes, and other necessities from desktops and mobile phones. Unconsciously, that situation ended up becoming our daily habit and tendency.

And now we’re seeing this in our daily routine. When I need something, I start Googling rather than going to any shop nearby.

Q4: What industries do you think will take the biggest piece of the pie due to this surge in eCommerce?

From my point of view, it seems to me that industries pertaining to fashion, cosmetics, and clothing will take the biggest piece of the pie because nowadays, people are always on the hunt to look stylish, cool, and fashionable.

Q5: Any specific technology trend where store owners should consider investing?

I recommend investing in building a mobile app. Learning the current shopping habits, people are using mobile devices because they find mobiles very handy and quick to order anything. So according to my thoughts, it’s the first priority to have a mobile app for our business.

It’s also worth investing in artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and cloud computing technologies. But I see them as secondary requirements. However, it depends and varies from industry to industry.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about our talk with Gaurav Jain. To conclude the discussion, he said that retailers should take advice and do proper R&D before investing in a specific technology. He says that it’s advisable to study important factors and aspects like a financial budget, risks, provisions, future market trends, competition, customers’ mindsets, etc to make an informed decision

Hope you find this conversation insightful!

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