Reshape Your Business with Magento 2

  • author-img Nidhi Arora
  • 4 years

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform. It is among the most popular e-commerce solutions available. As a leading global platform for both B2B and B2C businesses, it empowers companies with an open, extensible codebase and robust abilities to make exciting experiences that drive differentiation, long-term growth, and loyalty.

If your e-commerce business is as yet operating in Magento 1, now it’s time to relocate and see what improvement it implies for your business. Magento 2 is one of the powerful platforms utilized by over 1.2 lakh sites across the world.

Magento 2 can incredibly transform your business. Below are some benefits of Magento 2.

Magento 2 is Mobile Friendly

With an ever-increasing number of customers shopping on their mobile phones and the fact that around 62% of mobile phone users have made an online buy utilizing their mobile phone, organizations need to guarantee that their online stores are effectively available for mobile users.
Magento is developed responsively, making it mobile-friendly, including a mobile-friendly checkout experience. The Magento 2 platform incorporates responsive design reference themes; one can now design and execute sites seen by all gadgets and flawlessly on various screen resolutions.

Backed by a touch-screen friendly Magento 2 administrator panel, it is easy to manage the online Magento eCommerce store like a breeze. Your store’s catalog is easy to explore, paying little mind to the gadget or screen resolution used.

Marketplace Integration

Magento 2 allows for the integration of mainstream marketplaces, for example, Amazon and eBay. This permits retailers to make an omnichannel experience to enable their products and services to reach a more extensive audience while enjoying simple management through the Magento platform.

Magento’s improved capacity helps traders simplify the listing process and measure the worth picked up from this significant channel.

Advanced SEO Features

Research shows that the leading source for driving traffic to eCommerce sites is organic search. This is why it’s so critical to have an appropriately optimized website, and Magento 2 offers you all the advanced SEO features you’ll need.

One of the significant attractions of Magento 2 is that it is designed considering SEO, permitting merchants to make SEO friendly URL structures, meta-implementation throughout the website, the introduction of rich snippets allowing merchants to define mark-up information on product pages, set up and enhance XML sitemaps, and a host of marketing features to help boost your search engine rankings.

Exclusive Databases

Magento 2 has overcome the difficulty of utilizing a single database to oblige data on Product data, orders, and checkouts. Administrators and developers are currently ready to use separate databases to access the data. This eliminates system failure and database overload, making it simpler to hire a certified Magento engineer for an additional upgrade of your e-commerce store.

Email Reminders

This unique feature permits merchants to send automated emails to customers dependent on their shopping cart or wish list activity. Email reminders can likewise be utilized to send coupon code as an incentive. You can make a separate batch of Email reminders to send coupon codes that are automatically generated.

This gives more control over the offers that are associated with each batch. These will encourage the customers to return and make a buy.

The advantages that Magento 2 brings to your e-commerce business are endless. So, be ready to achieve such endless opportunities from your fully optimized Magento 2 store with certified Magento developers at Envision Ecommerce and transform your e-commerce business!


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