Rapid eCommerce Development: The Need of the Hour

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About rapid ecommerce development
When it comes to eCommerce development, time is money.

The retailers are facing many challenges in the eCommerce industry including delivery time management, international shipping, customer identity verification, and most importantly strong competition from offline stores. But, the statistics tell a different story.

In the USA, online retail sales amounted to $365.2 Billion in 2019 and this number is expected to only grow in the years to come.

Ecommerce Revenue

Moreover, due to the pandemic, the world experienced the digital transformation of many years in just a few month’s time. This accelerated digital transformation has pushed businesses over the tech tipping point and transformed the way retailers sell, for always.

Hence, it is no longer about the big beating the small in the eCommerce industry. But, fast beats slow. If you are still thinking about going online and building an eCommerce store, you need to be agile to serve the increasing demands of your consumers moving online fast.

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This is not the time when you can spend months planning for digital transformation and years before launching an eCommerce product. Modern problems need modern solutions and Rapid eCommerce Development by Envision eCommerce is one of those by which you can cost-effectively accelerate your time-to-market and act upon the situation’s demand.

In this article, we will discuss what Rapid eCommerce Development (RED) is and how Envision eCommerce can help you establish an online store in just four weeks. So, let’s get started.

What is Rapid eCommerce Development (RED)?

Rapid eCommerce Development or RED is a term coined by Envision eCommerce which refers to the development and launch of an eCommerce store in just four weeks and without any technical complexities. It is a special design and implementation package for organizations to go live quickly and cost-effectively.

Businesses of all sizes can jump-start and accelerate their digital growth across various industry verticals using Rapid eCommerce Development services provided by Envision eCommerce. We can help you launch a feature-rich eCommerce solution powered by Adobe Commerce having all the must-have and advanced functionalities that will help you scale your business faster.

Fine-tuned according to your specific business needs, these solutions will help you seamlessly serve your target audience and drive sales. Here is how Rapid eCommerce Development by Envision eCommerce is better than the traditional eCommerce development process:

Rapid eCommerce Development vs Traditional eCommerce Development

Attributes Rapid eCommerce Development Traditional eCommerce Development
Development Process Fast and Straightforward Long and Complicated
Security Highly secure as these solutions are tested several times against vulnerabilities Security is ensured during the development process
Team Structure Small but agile teams having a proper understanding of the eCommerce domain Large teams are needed as everything needs to be done from scratch
Time The development is faster as ready to deploy packages are used The development is slow because everything is developed from scratch
Cost Low Cost High Cost
Let’s now have a look at some of the benefits of Rapid eCommerce Development by Envision eCommerce:

Benefits of Rapid eCommerce Development

Quick Launch:When it comes to tackling critical market problems, time becomes money. Thus, we help you launch a fully functional and feature-rich Magento 2 online store in just 4-6 weeks.
Scalable:Even if you plan to scale your offerings in the future, you don’t need to create a solution from scratch. You can lay a solid foundation for the future growth of your business now and scale as per your business requirements later.
Secured: With eCommerce security threats increasing every day, we pay special heeds to security. We approach development with a security-first mindset and our solutions are 100% secure and reliable.

Built on industry best practices, the solutions we deliver have a plethora of features that are crucial for the proper working of an eCommerce business. As a part of our Rapid eCommerce Development Program, we are providing feature-rich solutions for the following industries, as of now:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Online Education and Books

Wrapping Up

Our Rapid eCommerce Development Program is the best way to go to market fast and at an affordable price, while still using all the advantages of the robust Adobe Commerce platform. With over a decade of experience in catering to the demands of modern eCommerce businesses, Envision eCommerce is a house of expert Magento and Adobe certified developers that have helped brands grow in today’s extra competitive eCommerce world.

Thus, if you don’t want to miss out on this chance of launching a feature-rich eCommerce solution built by experts, Get in touch now!

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