Magento Open Source 2.1.8 Release Notes

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Recently, Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition) 2.1.8 has official released! This new release contains more than hundred security enhancements and functional fixes, including

• Several enhancements to deployment and optimization of static content

• Improve Elasticsearch and indexing performance of large catalogs,

• Enhancements to cache tuning and URL re-writes

• Reduce memory consumption, and optimize the performance of your Magento software

• Quicker deployments for multi-language websites

Not only this, below we have listed the fixed issues and enhancements of Magento 2.1.8 which has been submitted by the community, in detail.


1. Previously, you could only make attributes, however, couldn’t save the image. But now you would be able to make a custom attribute for a category that effectively uploads/saves a custom image.

2. Unexpectedly, the prices you dole out to custom options will never again change.

3. The Category page shows the right aggregate of items.

4. Previously, when you deleted/removed an image in admin, Magento has also deleted it from the server. But now once you delete/remove the image in admin, Magento will no longer delete it on the server.

5. Previously, Magento displayed the category listing page which demonstrated the default store view price and the prices from other store views. But now Magento only shows that product price for the store view level.

6. Previously, you could only modify the scope value of category_ids to the Store. But, now the product attributes category_ids have just Global scope.

7. Previously, when you set an SKU mask of product to empty, Magento experienced issues stacking the Product Add page. But, now you would be able to effectively set a product SKU mask to empty.

8. You would be able to make a blank attribute option utilizing the drop-down info on items that don’t need an attribute.


1. Previously, when starting reindexing through System > Index management, it failed. But, now Reindexing will no longer flop due to mmap memory allocation problems while reindexing numerous customers.

2. Previously, the thumbnail images were not uploaded by Magento. But now it effectively uploads the thumbnail images for email logos that are utilized in transactional emails.

3. Now Magento also supports negative esteems in Quantity field for an item. GitHub-7401

4. Previously, Magento utilized the incorrect address template for order e-mails. But, now it utilizes the address template of the place order from the store view level (exactly like order confirmation email works).

5. It updates UK mobile number validation.

6. Previously, cart price rules were not applied throughout the checkout process, as discounts already set in it. But, now cart price rules can be applied as expected, to payment method conditions.

7. Previously, the “Uses per Coupon” restrict didn’t work for auto-generated coupons. But, now you can apply a coupon code twice.

8. Previously, the widget could be created effectively, but UTF-8 special characters type was broken. However, now this Magento new release support Widgets as well as acknowledge UTF-8 special characters as input parameters.

9. Previously, when you included fresh pages in the CMS hierarchy, Magento didn’t demonstrate the particular pages’ links, until you removed/deleted the URL re-writes. But, now Magento will show links after you including pages in the CMS hierarchy, without even deleting the URL rewrite.

10. Previously, when you applied a filter utilizing Catalog > Product, Magento didn’t reload product detail properly. But, now Magento front-end scope filters work fantastically amazing.

11. Without error, you would now be able to upload ‘.apng’ as well as ‘.ico’ images as fav icons.


1) Previously, when you listed a new delivery address during checkout, Magento didn’t allow you place an order. But now you can successfully finish your order after listing a new delivery address during checkout.

2) Once the checkout page gets refreshed, Shipping method radio buttons will no longer disable. Community fixes GitHub-7497 and GitHub-9485 together!

3) When you proceed the checkout step, Magento will highlight the missing details in the red fields.

Configurable products:

1) If the SKU is an integer, Magento will effectively display simple products, configurable products, and their attribute as well as visibility values after import. GitHub-5547

2) If no values are indicated for particular store view, magento will provide swatch input to the Admin Scope, and the attribute fall back component return to the default option value.

3) Catalog and Product pages’ images can replace the color swatches.


1) Product URL keys (for SKUs) are now auto-generated during the import.

2) An advanced pricing data’s import speed is improved now.

3) Previously, Magento was not maintained the super attribute ordering of configurable products, after import or export. But, now after export or import, it has successfully kept up the ordering of super attributes. GitHub-6079

Installation and Deployment:

1) Whether content has been added secure or non secure URLs, Static content deployment will create secure content only now.

2) After executing a split database, Magento will move the sequence_* table to the right database.

3) When utilizing port 81, Nginx will redirect to the setup page.

Order management:

1) It enhances the page loading speed or performance while adding the various products on the order page.

2) Only customers with consent can see a store and process the orders placed on it.

3) If you set ‘Use Secure URLs’ in Admin setting to ‘Yes’, Magento will never ever create wrong URLs in the site map. GitHub-8644

Payment methods:

1) It allows you to run payment transactions in various currencies rather than the currency that the authorization utilizes.

2) When you view an order from the Magento Admin, it will display the payment detail.

3) Now PayPal Express payment method will never fizzle, if enough product stock covers your order. GitHub-6296


1) It improves the performance of mass actions which result, speedy response time and lessened memory utilization.

2) It also enhances the checkout speed by expelling unused Widget JS, Widget Configuration, and regions based on your stores configuration to decrease the load of asset on checkout pages. Community fixes GitHub-4868, GitHub-6997, GitHub-9364 together.

3) Enhance the algorithm to control URL rewrites on the Category Save page.


It now clearly defines the attributes of extension for a quote billing address. Community fixes GitHub-9646.


1) The site column in Customer Segment report contains only right data.

2) You would now be able to effectively export the Low Stock report. Community fixes GitHub-9428.

3) Modify the errors from critical to info in var/log/system.log. Community Fixes GitHub-5627.

Sample data:

If auto_increment_increment set to ‘3’ in the options file, you would be able to effectively install Magento with sample data.


1) If there is 100 plus searchable attributes or user-defined price attributes marked as a searchable, then Elasticsearch never throw an error.

2) Now sorting configurable items by price is working correctly. GitHub-4778

3) If product option is out-of-stock, then the particular products no longer appear in layered navigation.

Shipping methods:

1) Magento now display applicable flat-rate USPS box methods during checkout. GitHub-6798

2) Allow you apply free shipping for the specific shipping method to the Admin order creation page.


It helps you calculate the total sum of taxs and orders correctly, when a discount is utilized for prices.

Note: This is not a legitimate tax configuration and can produce rounding errors.


1) Allow you use REST to effectively update user detail without deleting/removing default shipping as well as billing address info.

2) You can now add video to a product description using REST. GitHub-7153

This is all about Magento 2.1.8. Though, if you need any help with this enhancement update or having any queries, our Magento Certified Developers are here for you!

They already installed 80+ Magento security patches and are experienced enough to make sure your store security.

Now please feel free to contact us at or connect with our Magento services to do it fast & safe for you.


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