How to Import & Export Products CSV in Magento 2?

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Import & Export Products CSV in Magento 2

Importing and exporting products CSV in Magento 2 seems to be very time-consuming and difficult process for many ecommerce store owners. That’s why today we have created this “How to” post to help our valuable users in the following sprints:

1. Import products CSV in Magento 2.

2. Export products CSV from one Magento 2 to another.

How to Import Magento 2 Products CSV?

Open-up the store’s Admin panel and head to SYSTEM → Import

Now you have select Products from Entity Type Dropdown and then click on Download Sample File.

However, the downloaded sample file will look like below:


Try to add only one sample product, so that it will be easy for you to delete the rest of the sample products.

After that, your CSV will now look like below:

Note: If the rows are already given in the sample sheet, then don’t add them like shown above!

Now upload all the images of the product in your Magento 2 pub/media/import folder.

Note: Make sure all the images you’ve uploaded in your Magento 2 pub/media/import folder have the same name in the CSV.

Therefore, the final CSV will look like below:

Navigate to SYSTEM → Import from the admin panel, select Products from Entity Dropdown, and Add/Update from Import Behaviour Dropdown, and, then upload the CSV file by clicking on choose file and enter /pub/media/import in the Image File Directory text field. After that, just click on Check Data.

If you follow all the steps above-mentioned correctly, then you’ll get the following message, where you need to click on Import.

Once you get to import successfully, go to PRODUCTS → Catalog and you will see the product with the image, like below:

If you want to add bulk products in Magento 2, then delete all the sample products and add your own by giving the attribute details in the Sample CSV.

Note: Keep the format same as given in the sample sheet!

How to Export products CSV from one Magento 2 to Another?

For exporting, again to you need to open-up your store’s Admin panel and head to SYSTEM → Export.

Now select Products from Entity Type Dropdown and CSV from Export File Format.

Now exclude the unnecessary attributes from the list by selecting them and then click on Continue from the bottom of the page, like given below:

After that, you are able to upload this export CSV to another store by following the steps that we’ve mentioned in the Import Products step.

However, this way you can import and export products CSV in Magento 2. If you have questions or need more clarity regarding this “How to” or would like to add some suggestions to this solution, do drop a comment below or query at [email protected]. Our certified Magento team will give you a hassle-free and seamlessly comfortable vision to all your Magento related queries with positive returns in all market conditions!

So let us know and don’t forget to share this “How to” blog with your fellow Magento 2 users!

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