How to Get Started With Sensory Marketing for eCommerce

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  • 3 years

When it comes to an effective virtual business presence, every eCommerce owner needs to embrace marketing. Since all industries are turning towards digitization and online means of sales, irrespective of their services, digital marketing has emerged as a mediator connecting business owners to greater opportunities and customer exposure.

Amid all this hype for digital marketing services, one thing that has managed to capture the huge attention of online business owners is Sensory Marketing for eCommerce.

This can be understood as taking products to the customers based on what they eat, what they wear, and what they watch. Since customers these days are more involved in a digital environment when making purchases for their routine needs, marketing what people like to see can be a great source of conversion.

So, if you are looking for quality eCommerce marketing services that are more effective and different from traditional marketing practices, Sensory marketing is what you need.

Let us dig into a bit more detail on how Sensory Marketing works?

Popularly recognized as sensory branding, sensory marketing is meant to target the five senses of the customers to draw on emotions.

Research made on embodied cognition has shown how decisions are affected by bodily sensations even when we don’t realize it. Marketers can take advantage of this thing using basic visual and audible campaigns to create an emotional association with customers.


Since taste is broken into different sensations like sweet, salty, bitter, and sour, you can try to incorporate these tastes into your marketing strategy by promoting samples of your products. Further, you can even plan some Instagram set up to create an immersive reflection of your product and brand.


The sight has got some special importance when it comes to stimulated marketing. Since the first thing that captures the attention of the user is the visuals, business owners can take the advantage of logos, color schemes, and compile them with sounds to create a stronger impression. Virtual reality experience can also be a great alternative to build curiosity among customers.


The next form of sensory marketing is about giving a feel of the product to the customers. You can try taking your products to some public events, festivals, and booths. Moreover, interactive stations could be set up with products on display to give a life-like experience of the product to the customers.


When we talk about brick-and-mortar stores, sellers have been using smell to capture the emotional response for a long time. This is why certain retail stores have their own distinct aroma that gets your attention every time you need to buy similar products. For instance, if you deal in edible items, you can simply make your oven setup in a way that the aroma spreads across the roads and streets. Also, you can find a unique scent that people would only smell at your particular store.


Last but not the least, we have sound as our marketing tool. It can be jingles or a signature tone that can regulate people’s emotions. You can also try making some changes with pitch, tempo, and volume to cultivate a unique emotional response for your customers.

Final Thoughts

When trying sensory marketing, you can either target a particular sense and response or target multiple senses combined to market your business. Since anything that we find pleasing to our senses intensifies positive emotions, it can work as a great trick for eCommerce marketing services.

All in all, sensory marketing gives you the benefit to create engagements while expanding your customer base. It gives you the power to drive emotion and revitalize your marketing goals for not only reaching new people but ensure they turn into repeat customers.
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