Why “Request A Quote” Functionality is Important for Ecommerce Website Development?

  • author-img Nidhi Arora
  • 8 years

There is always one word “Discount” that we as customers attract. This works especially well with eCommerce solutions and you can often observe that this word works fine when you buy more than one & the total amount is a challenging one – an amount that we do not often have in-cash with us.

However, if we get some kind of buying assistant like “Request a Quote” functionality which further leads to discounted price benefits, we will be surely pushed to buy and not to just postpone after adding products in the cart.

So, we can confidently say that a “Request a Quote” functionality along with your store products helps in making direct interaction between your & your customers for price negotiation. And, price negotiation, mainly works like a convincing tool to turn your visitors into your potential customers.

Request a Quote functionality makes your ecommerce store customers feel like they are shopping in a real store & have that ability to ask for a quote for required products/items available. This feature helps in making contact between supplier & buyer by sharing list of products for which the quote is requested. The buyers can ask for a quote and admin can compromise & respond back with a compromising quotation proposal.

Overall, this “Request a Quote” functionality can be a powerful weapon for your eCommerce store in terms of getting successful conversions & an increase in purchases of your ecommerce store.

We at Envision Ecommerce have also developed some effective tools to bring that request a quote functionality in your eCommerce store, WooCommerce Advance Request a Quote & Request for price. WooCommerce Advance Request a Quote plugin supports customers with a bargaining feature to request a single or multiple products for quote & further discount benefits. On the other hand, Request for Price is Magento 2 based extension helps Magento admin to hide the price of products so that customers make requests for product prices. Providing you these tools mean affecting positively your customers’ attitude towards purchases.

Therefore, find out more features of these useful plugin & extension for advantageous quote system for your own eCommerce store.

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