Happy 10th Birthday Magento!

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  • 7 years
10th Anniversary of Magento!

10 years ago today the world’s fastest growing source of ecommerce platform – Magento launched.

However, the most superior and robust open-source e-commerce platform has gone through a heap of momentum since its 1st public beta version, which was officially started development in August 31, 2007. Magento has dependably been termed as a strong eCommerce solution offering a complete flexibility as well as control to merchants over their e-store.

Latterly, Roy Rubin, former CEO of Varien – where the leading open source ecommerce platform was originally developed – had planned to rewrite it as ‘Magento’ in February 2009. Today, Magento, now recognized as far beyond eCommerce software, and continues to deliver online merchants from visual appearance and content marketing, to SEO and digital marketing, with wide-ranging features to help them fulfill their business goals with highest possible conversion rates and in turn increased ROIs.

Since then, plenty of things have been changed in Magento like the logo, Community Editions, Security patches and a version of Magento, but an open-source E-commerce platform still enjoys a sizable market share today, and representing a huge leap!

In fact, over its first year, the various factors have been added to the success of Magento. Several Meetups has been organized in the various part of the world like USA, India, Europe and more, which ascended up the need of online merchants. Currently, Magneto has a community of 84, 000 plus active members, and it does not seem to be going anywhere soon!

After years, the spirit of an ecommerce solution provider platform, even more climbs higher, and the next generation open source digital commerce platform, Magento 2.0 has been released, which empowers B2C and B2B industries to quickly deliver user-engaging omnichannel shopping experiences. The new platform of Magento is offering unmatched flexibility and one-of a kind opportunity to global ecosystem of developers as well as partners.

Here is a breakdown made by builtwith.com, that shows from which platforms customers were migrating to Magento from 2011 till now.

As you can see above, most of the platforms web store owners are switching from are open-source. The obvious reasons for migration to Magento are the platform’s top flexibility, unique features, and strong SEO-optimization.

Magento is the solution with the longest ‘life cycles’ store owners experience. According to our internal statistics, users are more likely to upgrade Magento to new versions than to switch it to another solution.

Hope it will keep rising dramatically and swiftly to dominate the crowded online Commerce space. To celebrate this huge milestone, Magneto’s 10 year journey, we at Envision Ecommerce would like to congratulate and give ‘A Big Thank-you’ to the most loyal community – Magento for supporting us through our highs and lows, and continuously strive for better.

We also have an experienced team of Magento certified developers – who have been using the Magento platform since its launch, and served several e-commerce startups’ with all their e-commerce needs and incredible returns. We are extremely very happy & would love to see the continued growth of Magento in the coming years!

Thanks for being with Envision Ecommerce all year round! Cheers to you Magento!

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