Google Now Indexing & Displaying Images Found Within PDF Files

  • author-img Nidhi Arora
  • 9 years
Google Now Indexing & Displaying Images Found In PDF

It was the first time when Google started indexing of PDFs and suggested webmasters to create HTML pages for their images in order to prevent them from indexing within the PDF documents. That time seems to have changed as Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that PDF images are now being displayed within Google Image Search results.

As per Google confirmation in Search Engine Land’s recent post, it seems that Google is still running tests and experiments on this feature, started out in June. Alex Chitu, is the first person who noticed this feature of Google and was not 100% sure about Google’s ability to index PDF images. But, after this confirmation, we can say that he was absolutely right.

After such a Google update, it is apparent that users of copyright images are more secure now. Now, they can protect and prevent their images from any kind of online theft. No one can use their images without their consent.

Here are the some screenshots:

Here is an example from where you can find more image results from PDF’s: [google pdf]


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