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Enhanced Abandoned Cart Extension

  • author-img Nidhi Arora
  • 7 years

According to a research done by Seewhy, astonishingly around 72% of website visitors add products to their cart and leave abandoning the cart. This is a high ratio considering the sales that a store expect. There are different factors that are credited for a customer abandoning the cart.  A comScore study found that 36% of consumers will not buy unless free shipping is offered. An etailing group study shows that 47% of online customers will not buy, or only in exceptional circumstances, unless a product is on promotion. There are many other reason like the cost of the product, the clarity of details shared in the product, the discount offered, the shipping and logistics rate applied to the product and some related to how you present your website to your cusotmer.

According to the polls conducted by different ecommerce market survey agencies,  81% store owners believed that the majority of abandoners never return. It has also been noticed that when the customer who abandoned the cart is reached by the store owner, their intend to purchase the product is high. The polls suggest that there is a high chance of 75% abandoner to return and purchase the product if approached by the store within some period of time. This data is staggering considering the effort it takes to bring a customer on the store and then try sell them something.

Considering these research and over all experience that we got from our customer over the period of time, we at Envision Ecommerce have come up with yet another Important must have Magento Extension that allows you to reach your abandoned cart users through emails and coupons. The extension is called “Enhanced Abandoned Cart” and it helps you to reach your customers. The extension allows you to set automated followups. The extension also helps to log important events that helps you understand the nature of the customers who abandon cart on your store.

Feel free to reach us if you want to know more about the extension or its usage. Allow us to help you increase your store’s revenue by bringing back these customers and thus converting your abandoned cart into successful orders.

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