eCommerce Content Marketing: 15 Ways to Get Started ASAP

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  • 3 years

When we talk about a successful eCommerce site, it is only the conversions that describe the potential of services you offer as well as the ability to hold the customers with your virtual store. Since conversions are essential for survival, the first thing that any eCommerce store owner needs to target is generating traffic which further converts into leads and sales.

While traffic is essential, traffic that does not give you any engagement or sales is worthless. Even if you are getting 5 to 10K of visits at your store, the chances for survival are zero until people are not making any purchases.

To overcome such a situation, you need to invest in a strategy that is not so heavy on your pocket but can bring you great results.

One such technique is content marketing. With the potential to increase your conversions by six times, the conversion rate for websites spending time on content marketing is 2.9 percent in comparison to 0.5 percent for those not using it.

eCommerce Content marketing allows you to make connections and foster engagements. Since customers only crave emotional connection whenever searching for a product or service, content strategy can play an important role in driving conversions.

Let us quickly dig into 15 ways how you can make the most of eCommerce marketing services while creating engagements through effective content marketing.

  1. Start with One Form of Content

  2. First things first, before you begin your practice with content marketing, make sure you are not overwhelmed with available options. It is always a good idea to start with one form of content when aiming at a content marketing strategy.
    As they say, “Jack of all trades, master of none” make sure you don’t aim all at once. Rather you should practice one form of content and measure results to upgrade your marketing style.

  3. Build Product Guides

  4. The next thing which you can do to capture the attention of your audience is building the interest of visitors. This can be done by creating product or service guides that can help people understand your product and see the associated benefits.
    Pro Tip: Show some creativity and create infographics as guides. People love visuals.

  5. Create Product Videos

  6. Another potential content marketing strategy that can help you gain conversions for your eCommerce store is creating product or service videos. Make sure it is engaging and purposeful and does not contain anything that deviates the attention of the visitors.

  7. FAQs & Info Charts

  8. FAQs and Information Charts can help your customers feel more at ease when investing in your product or service. For instance, if you are into glass products, your customers are likely to have queries associated with delivery and services.

    Therefore, you must take these queries as contact points where you can gain the trust of the customer.

  9. Share Customer Stories

  10. Reading customer stories can be a great factor when we need to invest in a new brand. However, it is necessary that they sound authentic and not like a marketing campaign that highlights the features of your product or service.

    Always share stories that show the value your product or service has brought to the customer’s life.

  11. Provide Case Studies

  12. Case Studies are another effective strategy that can help with your eCommerce Marketing goals. Case studies can help your customers understand the concern and value you have for your customers, especially those who have certain process-specific requirements.

  13. Jargons, Glossary, & More

  14. Engagement is all that makes eCommerce Marketing. Since all humans are sensitive to visual data, you can build a better connection with your customers by sharing important information with them through Jargon, Glossary, and other informative posts.

  15. Use Research-based Content

  16. Facts and Figures always capture the first attention of the customer. Thus, you should invest some time in presenting research-based data in the form of whitepapers, research papers, or other research-based content to ensure your visitors make confident decisions with purchases.

  17. Tips & Hacks

  18. When you are on your way to creating a unique proposition for your customers through content marketing tactics, try sharing some tips and tricks. Since we all love to find new and interesting ways of doing things, extending a little helping hand to your customers could earn you more loyalty.

  19. Create Checklists for Customers

  20. When you have an eCommerce website, one thing that you must necessarily practice is creating a dedicated blog section. Here you can share checklists that can help customers make the maximum of your product.

    For example, if you are dealing with camping material, you can provide a checklist for places that are best for camping or a checklist for things to keep with you on your first camping adventure.

  21. Get Curated Content

  22. Regardless if you are working on your content marketing goals or have hired someone for eCommerce Digital Marketing Services, curated content is always of huge value. It helps you capture ideas from the market, understand what people need, and take your product as a perfect solution for those in need.

  23. Offer Personal Value Data

  24. Either you are an established store or a newcomer, customers these days only invest in a product that can bring them the valuable data that can help them determine a brand’s worth. Therefore, sharing details related to your business background, sales achieved, percentage of customer satisfaction, can do a lot of good for your business.

  25. Approach Influencers & Guest Bloggers

  26. When we talk about content marketing, there can be nothing better than approaching industry influencers or guest bloggers to give product reviews or write content for your business. Since these people have already built a fanbase, their word can bring you closer to conversions you seek with your Content marketing campaigns.

  27. Invest in Paid Content

  28. Paid content can also help you take your business to the masses. And from paid content, we never meant $5 or $10 blogs that you can get with some rookie writers. Rather, you should invest in paid content with websites or writers who have a definite set of audience and routine traffic and can help you have the required exposure with your products.

  29. Promotion & Advertisement

  30. Last but not the least, when aiming at content marketing strategy, you should never underestimate the potential of advertisement and promotions. These can be some celebrities featuring your product on their social media handles or ads you can run by bidding on certain keywords or product names.


When you are running an eCommerce store, it is not easy to manage all the things on your own. Even if you have access to a plan that can bring you sure-shot results, to implement it to the best needs, you need to have the right knowledge and skill. Therefore, it is always a better idea to consult with experts who have experience delivering eCommerce Digital marketing Services.

For more information on how content marketing can help you drive the conversion rate for your store, feel free to contact our experts!

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