Digital Delivery – The New Name for eCommerce Shipping Solutions

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Digital Delivery – The New Name for eCommerce Shipping Solutions

Shipping items ordered through ecommerce portals has evolved so much over the recent years. Gone are the days when you wait at home all day for a courier to deliver your items. Digital delivery is the new name for ecommerce shipping and has transformed the traditional system to personalized delivery according to the customer’s convenience. For merchants, conventional methods of shipping can be messy and require a great deal of manual effort and time. With the evolution of digital delivery software solutions, processing, packaging, labelling, dispatching and tracking all the orders from a single place has revolutionized the ecommerce industry.

Integrating today’s shipping solutions to existing or new ecommerce ventures is saving a lot of time and need of manual intervention, thereby driving sellers towards growth and expansion. They are now able to serve customers from thousands of different locations, both domestic as well as worldwide. The benefits are immense and if we have to sum up the advantages of a modern ecommerce shipping solution to a seller, these are what the seller can expect.

  1. Integrations:Your digital delivery solution will accommodate orders from the different locations you sell online or offline. All the orders download automatically within the delivery solution. Once processed and dispatched, tracking numbers and orders status update are posted back to the selling platform giving accurate, real time information to you and your customers.
  2. Order management: Has all the necessary features to manage all of your orders. You will have the flexibility to sort, filter, split – multiple addresses, combine – orders going to same address, batch, and drop ship from a single platform.
  3. Discounted rates: The shipping software will allow you to manage discounts that are passed on to your customers on orders and delivery charges.
  4. Browse and compare rates: Your delivery solution will allow you to punch in all the major delivery service providers with their rates. This means you can compare rates and select the service provider that suits you best.
  5. Returns management:Customer satisfaction is prime and to facilitate the process, a digital delivery solution allows you to generate return labels and provide refunds in a timely manner, thus keeping the buyers happy.
  6. Tracking and customer communication: You will be able to provide real time shipment confirmations with tracking information to keep customers informed about their purchases.
  7. Rules and automation– You can automate repetitive tasks within the shipping solutions that will eventually save time and effort, giving you space to focus on core business activities.
  8. Pick, pack, and label– Everything from printing pick lists, packing slips and labels for the orders will ensure error-free delivery process.
  9. Reporting:Shipping software will record all the data of customers, buying habits, top products, trending items, most selling geographies, best delivery services and more to help you analyze performance and make informed business decisions.
  10. International:Many of your customers may live outside the US – so at some stage you should think about selling your products beyond the border. A shipping solution will wipe away most of the hassle associated with shipping overseas.

Act like a customer to customize your digital delivery solution

Before you choose for the best shipping solution for your ecommerce business, you need to understand what customers look for before clicking on that Checkout button. To be in their shoes, act like a customer who wants personalized delivery. Update your business processes according to industry trends and customer requests.

Order Tracking

In a survey, 19% of both men and women said they would shop online more if they were offered tracking capabilities. Order tracking is an excellent way of giving the power back to the customer but also taking the obligation off your shoulders. A tracking service is just one of the major benefits offered by delivery service providers to help take care of your delivery needs and boost customer satisfaction.

When it comes to order tracking, buyers want a range of options, such as –

  • Delivery date estimate at checkout
  • Regular email updates
  • Regular text/SMS updates
  • Make changes to shipping while goods are in transit
  • Regular messenger updates

Next Day Delivery

Nowadays, when customers see something online of their interest, they want to have it in their possession the next day. To facilitate this, sellers must try to offer speedy next-day or two-day delivery options in addition to their standard delivery mode.

“Although free shipping is generally preferred, shoppers (especially men) are willing to pay for alternative options that conveniently suit their needs at the time of purchase such as Same day or Next day delivery” – The State of Shipping in Commerce

When it comes to shipping, there is tremendous amount of information to consider. However, there’s no need to be stunned with the new name of ecommerce shipping – digital delivery. To make the best out of all the options, the best advice we can give you is to work on delivering the top three customer expectations. Most importantly, listen to what your customers want and do all you can to offer it to them. If you need help in selecting the right digital delivery solution, talk to Magento certified experts.

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