Adobe Commerce Cloud: Overview, Features, and Benefits for eCommerce Businesses

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All About Adobe Commerce Cloud

The eCommerce industry is evolving, and new technologies are emerging with every passing day to fulfill consumers’ demands. During the pandemic, people shifted to online channels fast, and now they are very comfortable with the digital shopping mode.

As a result, online brand presence, which was earlier an “add-on,” is a “must-have” for business today. Also, the competition in the eCommerce industry increased due to this accelerated digital transformation, triggering the need for intelligent commerce.

So, now businesses are looking for intelligent solutions to help them manage their brand presence and attract consumers without investing much time and money. One such solution is Adobe Commerce Cloud.

In this article, we will walk you through this amazing tool that you can use to not just set up an online store but to market and scale it as well. So, let’s get started.

What is Adobe Commerce Cloud?

A part of Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Commerce Cloud is a fully-managed and cloud-based version of the Magento platform. Using it, B2C and B2B brands can create highly personalized eCommerce experiences across all touchpoints to target consumers in an efficient manner.

Along with having all the essential features of Adobe Commerce (like catalog management, advanced marketing tools, visual merchandising, customer segmentation, and others), it possesses some additional features that help eCommerce companies elevate their brand presence, including:

  • Web application firewall (WAF) by Fastly
  • Content delivery network (CDN) by Fastly
  • Performance optimization from Blackfire and New Relic
  • Source code version control using Github
  • DevOps and continuous integration (CI)
  • Dependency management tools like Composer 
  • Cloud hosting by AWS
  • Mail integration by Twilio SendGrid

Also, it is easier to integrate ACC with Adobe Experience Manager to leverage all of its functions and tools. It is a highly flexible and scalable solution by Adobe that helps brands make the customer journeys frictionless for better conversions.

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What Makes Adobe Commerce Cloud an Ideal Solution for eCommerce Brands?

Adobe Commerce Cloud comes with extra features that make it unique and better than on-premise Adobe Commerce and the Open-Source Version of Magento.

Let’s check out the features of Adobe Commerce Cloud in detail to find out why it is the best solution for eCommerce brands having aggressive growth targets.

1. Fastly – CDN, WAP, IO, DDoS

According to Google’s Core Web Vital update, your website’s performance and experience need to be top-notch if you want to get maximum exposure in SERPs.

Now, your eCommerce website’s speed highly depends on themes, extensions, product images, videos, and other media you embed. The store’s speed will likely slow down if you do not optimize these things. In addition, because of increasing attacks on eCommerce stores, security becomes critical for every store owner.

But thankfully, if you are using Adobe Commerce Cloud, you will never face any problems in terms of website performance and security. Here’s why:

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): It will help you improve your site performance using the built-in integration with Fastly’s CDN. Using it, you can manage all aspects of content delivery and cache efficiently.
  • Image optimization: You can use Fastly image optimization (IO) to optimize and serve images at the edge, near to your users, and without even impacting the main server. Its benefits include the reduced size of media and drastically improved website speed. 
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): WAF ensures PCI compliance for Adobe storefronts in production environments. It will also help you protect from various attacks like Cross-Site Scripting (CSS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), and other attacks.

2. Cloud Nature

The most important quality of Adobe Commerce Cloud (ACC) is its cloud nature. Therefore, anybody can manage a website anywhere. Also, is it offered as an Adobe Managed Service. You can either choose AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure as your IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service for your Adobe Commerce on cloud projects. That means no overheads and easy eCommerce store management.

3. Advanced Analytics

With Adobe Commerce Cloud, you will get Commerce Dashboards – tools required for analyzing important business metrics to make informed decisions. This allows you to improve merchandising, marketing, and other delivery aspects of your organization. All processes in ACC run on top of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and help business owners optimize experiences.

4. Mobile Commerce

With Progressive Web Apps studio from ACC, you can rapidly and economically design, develop, deploy, and manage PWAs. That means you will provide cutting-edge shopping experiences to your customers.

5. Platform as a Service

Each ACC infrastructure plan provides a PaaS Integration environment in order to develop, test, & integrate services.

6. Performance Tools 

Adobe Commerce Cloud provides performance optimization by Blackfire and New Relic that empowers you to monitor, debug, and manage apps & infrastructure by analyzing, collecting, and displaying information from Adobe Commerce on cloud projects.

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Why Use Adobe Commerce Cloud: 5 Business Benefits of This Amazing Platform

Adobe Commerce Cloud is the best version of Magento and is also an ideal choice for building an enterprise eCommerce solution. The reason? It provides maximum scalability, flexibility, and advanced features. Let’s look at its benefits in detail:

1. Reliability

Probably, one of the best benefits that come with Adobe Commerce Cloud is reliability. Using it, you can focus on improving business processes without worrying about other technical aspects like hosting. You get support for disaster recovery, peak-traffic management, high uptime, and security issues.

2. Best Speed

If you are planning to provide your consumers with a frictionless experience with a lightning-fast website, ACC should be your platform of choice. With fast page loading, you can increase sales and revenues.

3. Faster Time To Market

Again, it is one of the platform’s principal advantages that makes it unique from other eCommerce development solutions. It supports B2C, B2B, as well as hybrid models using multiple integrations available via the marketplace.

4. Omnichannel Sales

Your brand needs to be present where your customers are to increase sales and awareness. While Magento open-source and Adobe Commerce also support omnichannel sales, ACC empowers brands for easier and faster sales across several channels.

5. Top-Notch Security

Security is vital in eCommerce, and as attacks are increasing with every passing day, your security needs to become more intelligent. With Adobe Commerce Cloud, your online store is totally secure and safeguarded with remote servers. Extra security features can also be implemented based on your specific business needs.

Wrapping Up – Should You Really Use Adobe Commerce Cloud?

Up to now, you must have a complete idea about everything that makes Adobe Commerce Cloud an ideal choice. But, is it really suitable for your business?

Well, it depends. If you just have a small eCommerce store without any in-house team of developers, it will be very hard for you to manage ACC implementation. However, if you have a big eCommerce store using which companies sell thousands of products in different categories, ACC can prove to be a blessing for you when it comes to managing and scaling your operations.

It is well-suited for high-end development and customization since you can access the source code fully. But, you will still need experts on your side to use it to the fullest. We are Adobe Silver Solution Partners, and our team can help you take your business to the next level with Adobe Commerce Cloud. So, let’s get in touch!


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