7 Digital Marketing Trends to Look For In 2016

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As technology & customer attitudes are changing constantly with time, so digital marketers must amend accordingly. For 2016, digital marketing experts necessitate to think out of the box in order to stay ahead else you will just shine & then fade away in this buzzing & ever-competitive marketing world. Here are the top 7 digital marketing trends to look for in 2016 to stay geared up & thriving throughout the year 2016.

  1. The Popularity of Video Ads

Video Ads are most expected to shake up the digital marketing game as videos engage audience successfully than other marketing efforts. According to marketingtechblog.com, 52% of digital marketing experts all over the world state video brings best ROI, and B2B & B2C marketers name the video as the top 3 most effectual social media marketing tactic. However, emails using the word “Video” in subject have 19% growth in open rates, 65% growth in CTR (Click Through Rate), and 26% reduction in unsubscribes. It’s a sign that 93% of marketers are becoming more accepting of video ads for their online marketing, sales as well as communication.

All afore given stats make sure that video ads are prominent tools that not only bring best ROI, but also help marketers in enhancing visibility on social channels such as YouTube (having millions of visitors). According to Forbes (a global media company, Google also is all set to include video ads in its Google search results. It strengthens the value of video adverts in the world of digital marketing.

  1. A Great Appeal of Mobile Apps

Whether it is a website for online shopping, social dating, or other, Mobile apps are replacing everything now as these are more insightful, convenient & accessible than sites. Apps may be called as a parcel of today’s buzzing digital marketing lifestyle. And, almost all online retailers & product marketers are taking benefits in today’s app-driven market through truly engaging mobile apps.

  1. The rise of Content Marketing

The websites, who feature an active blog, produce 67% additional leads based on a monthly comparison with those who don’t run a blog. Content marketing strategies will keep on to grow in the forthcoming months of this year 2016. Digital marketing professionals can’t shift back to the conventional strategies of push marketing. In actual fact, online brands will need to pay out a lot of their time in producing more appropriate, engaging & inspiring content than ever before.

  1. Mobile Dominates over Desktop

Forbes revealed that ‘mobile will completely dominate desktop’. In the year 2015, Google (source: http://searchengineland.com/its-official-google-says-more-searches-now-on-mobile-than-on-desktop-220369) has also made such announcements that ‘More searches take place on mobile devices than on computers’. Below are some stats that illustrate the usage of mobile online consumers:

  • 65 billion worldwide users make use of mobile phone devices. (Source: Marketingland.com)
  • Two billion consumers use the web by means of their mobile devices. (Source: Mobify.com)
  • 34% buyers look for diverse products by using their mobile devices. (Source: Statista.com)
  • 4 out of 5 consumers make use of smartphones while shopping online. (Source: Convinceandconvert.com)

It means that Google is now more focused towards mobile optimized sites than desktop optimized sites for its ranking solutions. Also, the next year may see the smart money resting on mobile-focused online marketing.

  1. Emergence of Virtual Reality Devices

The release of dozens of different virtual reality devices seems to be scheduled in the next few years. These devices will reinforce the need to put together with social media platforms. The marketing purpose behind these virtual reality devices is to offer consumers with experiences so as to induce them to physically visit a location or event.

  1. Rising Demand of Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology seems to overlay a new ground in the digital marketing world by the end of 2016. With the rising demand of wearable technology based devices, digital marketers seem to adopt some new marketing strategies to reach out customers & potential customers. According to some researches & survey, 20% of American adults have their own wearable device and it looks ahead to rise over the next few years with name ‘convenience marketing.’

  1. Niche social platforms

Any savvy digital marketer has a proficiency in understanding your business’s need like your business should be there where your audience is, it means the presence of your business at niche social platforms. These platforms help you in building real-time connections with your audience, and also offer you more engaged & passionate audience. The niche social channels are continuing to be a focus while considering digital marketing trends in 2016.

Obviously, while considering digital marketing trends, these are just the tip of the Envision Ecommerce. There may be plenty other opportunities for digital marketing professionals to adopt as new marketing tactics that may shift their current marketing status and we will love to hear from your what you feel will be a ground breaking trend this year.

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