New Magento 2.0.7 supports only PHP5.5 and Above

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  • 5 years
Magento 2.0.7 System Requirements

Good day to Envision Ecommerce Blog Readers! Today we’re exploring a topic on which our certified Magento developers have recently worked:

“Upgrading of existing Magento version to 2.0.7 version”

This blog post is another add up to our on-going series of posts about Magento 2, and focusing on the latest Magento 2 version & performance analysis related to its compatibility with various PHP versions.

Magento is continuously advancing its platform and making development process more efficient. Recently, Magento has stepped up its present Community Edition to 2.0.7 version by adding support for PHP 7.0.3. This new upgraded version appeared with one functional fix for the incompatibility between Magento’s payment gateway & PHP 7.0.3. Thus, this latest update brings some excellent & more compatible improvements to improve your existing Magento store’s performance. But along with this it has upgraded the minimum php version requirement too. It means that your Magento site version 2.0.7 can no longer in line with PHP version 5.4 or below.

To ensure that you can leverage all benefits of this valuable upgrade faster, our team of certified Magento developers has thoroughly undergone this upgrading process and experienced the upgrading of xampp/wamp to php version(minimum 5.5/latest 7.0.4 compatible).

To conclude, we just want to inform you that upgrading to the latest version of Magento is a necessity for you. If you find it difficult for you to upgrade your exiting Magento version to 2.0.7, you can take help from our team of certified Magento developers.

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