Announcing one stop solution for Content And Video Sharing Entrepreneurs

  • Nidhi Arora
  • 4 years
Announcing one stop solution for Video-Oriented Enterprises!
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After announcing about our very recent launch of IonicPress App, now we are thrilled to announce our another new discovery i.e. Video and Content Sharing portal. This portal is built on the most elegant as well as expressive web framework, which is known as Laravel. It facilitates video-oriented enterprises to set up their own video website and help their video-based business to generate more ROI.

Content And Video Sharing Entrepreneurs

Not only this, the video portal has very simplistic, interactive, and clean functionality, by default, which makes easier for registered users to create, share, discover and support videos. In regard to management, only two types of users can manage all the functions of a video-portal; First is an Artist and the second is User.

An Artist can showcase their creations, by creating & uploading videos, by setting different price tags, by managing all subscriptions to approve or cancel, view invoices and payments. On the other side, Users can view all the Artists’ creations, subscribe any Artist’s playlist, access this video portal’s community page, rate a video, write comments, like a video, follow a video, support a video, donate Money to Artists via a Donation section and more.

Main Highlights of Video and Content Sharing Portal:

Social Login

Video and Content Sharing Social login

You can automatically get registered on this video portal, once you login to the video portal via your Facebook account or Google account.

Social Sharing

Video and Content Sharing Portal Social Sharing

Let you share videos, images or documents on social websites, for example; Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Video and Content Sharing Portal Social Sharing Follower Supporters

If you are registered on the video portal, you can either become followers or supporters. For the supporter, you need to buy subscription plans, so that you can view and share all paid content like videos, images, and documents, and For the Follower, you don’t need to purchase any subscription plans, all free content is accessible.


Now, we are looking forward to taking this innovative creation to new heights in the upcoming months and years. Just stay tuned with us for more updates on this Video and Content Sharing Portal!

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